Readers Write: Dec. 3

Civic Center will be sorely missed

Atlanta will miss the Civic Center after it’s gone, but that will be too late. The Fox Theatre is beautiful and steeped in rich history, and we in Atlanta are proud of the Fox. Truly massive shows needed the large, deep stage, and the scenery storage that made the Civic Center famous. Shows like “Miss Saigon” and “Showboat” played the Civic Center stage. The BET Hip-Hop Awards played a multi-year run until the Civic Center was no longer available. The Family Feud has had to find a new home. Atlanta will lose out to some housing and shopping; the Civic Center offered a stage, film sound stages and television production space. These things Atlanta needs as the “entertainment capital of the South.”

Atlanta, you were truly blessed that the fabulous Fox survived. Let’s pray for another blessing.


Letter-writer misinterprets 1st Amendment

It is very disappointing that the letter-writer of “Critics of kneeling can’t grasp freedom,” on Nov. 27 and others like him are misinterpreting the citizens’ right to freedom of speech concerning nonviolent protests.

Most informed citizens believe that the First Amendment protects your freedom of speech from interference from the government. Many also believe that a person is not protected from retribution or even termination from your place of employment, if your employer does not approve of your conduct and believes that it is a negative influence on the company’s reputation in the business and customer community.

While as a veteran, I cannot speak for all police officers and veterans, but I am sure the majority of them think these actions of fellow Americans disrespecting our American flag and national anthem, regardless of how their actions are explained, are a national disgrace. While on their own time, they are free to insult our military and law enforcement personnel who put their lives on the line daily to serve and protect us, there should be consequences to their actions when on company business.


Express lanes not a great idea

The GDOT claims that express lanes are a solution to Atlanta’s traffic woes. That is only true for those willing to pay more for what they and the rest of us have already paid for through our tax dollars. It would be like enrolling your child in public school and being told that she can graduate with 13 percent to 24 percent more knowledge if you are willing to pay extra every day. If, however, parents with more money do the same, your daily rate will rise to match whatever they are willing to pay. To GDOT that probably sounds like a “solution” to the public school woes.


‘Boys will be boys’ attitudes must change

Lumping all of the inappropriate sexual behavior in the news together is a sure-fire way to avoid change. If everything is lumped together, the differences are ignored. There are topics which need to be addressed separately. The predator — who does not see anything wrong with his behavior, shows no remorse and will continue abusive actions — needs to be punished and sanctioned. The male who plays out the socially condoned “boys will be boys” behavior needs to acknowledge his destructive actions, learn proper boundaries and to be respectful of women’s feelings and their boundaries.

If there is to be resolution to a terrible problem, primary focus must be on the socially acceptable attitude that condones male gratification at the expense of female security. Every woman has memories of times that they have been inappropriately touched or addressed by otherwise respectable men. Everyone laughs, acting as if it is funny, including the woman because she has been taught that she does not have a right to speak up and embarrass the man, yet inside she shrinks and feels abused. This pattern is what we avoid discussing.


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