Readers Write: Dec. 5

Legislation should focus on dividends, gains

In the tax plan being debated in Washington, corporations are targeted to get a 42 percent tax reduction (from 35 percent to 20 percent). The idea is that these savings will be reinvested to make businesses more competitive, resulting in more jobs with better pay. That was the same premise behind the Quantitative Easing 1 and 2. What quantitative easing delivered, though, was huge amounts of stock buybacks and a record disparity between the wages of top executives versus other employees. Also, QE gave us huge deficits. Today, even with high tax rates, corporate profits are very healthy – many at record levels, so America is competitive. Rather than legislation reducing taxes for corporations and high-wage executives, I much prefer eliminating the tax on dividends and capital gains. This change would benefit millions of retirees as well as anyone invested in the stock market, including high-salaried corporate executives.


Clinton fiasco was big double standard

The men who have committed sexual injustices against a girl or a woman must be shaking in their boots right now. It doesn’t matter if it has been years, or days, the egregious revelation of their misdeeds may very well come to light. However, there are those who never pay the price because of their prestige, such as Bill Clinton, who held the highest office in our country. This is very sad, because there was proof positive of his adulterated actions, and he has gotten away with a slap on the wrist. This is nothing more than a double standard in the greatest way. Maybe in some way he is feeling guilt about the other men having to face their predicaments, or maybe it all depends on what the word is … is.


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