Readers Write: Dec. 31

Georgians must keep pressing to stop wasteful spending

I enjoyed Tim Echols’ analogy using the new Star Wars movie to make his case why ratepayers should be grateful to have the opportunity to pay billions more for a power project that has already cost billions more than was contracted (“Finishing Plant Vogtle is best path for Ga.,” Opinion, Dec. 23). Borrowing from older Star Wars installments, I could make the case that the Vogtle reactors are much like the Death Star. Enormous, powerful, behind schedule and horribly flawed.

Like the Galactic Empire, Georgia Power plans on building its “ultimate weapon” to exert its authority over the universe. Unfortunately, like the Death Star, reactors 3 and 4 of Vogtle have been plagued by ridiculous delays. The great news for Georgia Power is that delays only add to their power! (oops, I mean profits). You see, every penny that is spent on Vogtle translates to more profits. More delays means more profits.

Tim Echols and his Galactic Empire-friendly associates at the Public Service Commission have agreed to allow billions more in spending and years more in delays to pad the profits of the power companies. Much like in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” the resistance fighters have been beaten back harshly, but they find inspiration in each other and press on. Georgians of all walks, such as Tea Party, anti-nuke, environmentalists and anti-corruption groups should keep pressing the case to end this wasteful spending, and demand accountability.


Natural gas a better option than nuclear

The GA Public Service Commission, in its infinite wisdom, has decreed to continue with the construction of Plant Vogtle. Tim Echols of the PSC assures us the plant will not have any carbon emissions. He conveniently fails to tell us that it will produce toxic waste that will remain radioactive for a million years. He asks for our opinion of their decision. That’s easy: Big mistake. Why? Costs will continue to escalate. They always do. Timelines continually extended. Our country is awash in natural gas. A plant fueled by natural gas would not only be environmentally friendly, but would cost only a fraction of the money and time to be expended on this nuclear boondoggle. As usual, the utility gets the mine and the consumer gets the shaft.


Seniors caught in an inflation quagmire

It is COLA time again for seniors. In October, they announced a hike of about $25 for Social Security. Not such a great thing since everything that we buy costs more and $25 won’t go very far. In November, they announced a $25 increase in Medicare. Yeah, just when I was trying to figure what bill to pay with it, they made that decision for me.

Seniors are caught in an inflation quagmire and cannot figure out how to solve it. Year after year it is the same story.

During our working years, we paid into Social Security and Medicare. We did it to protect our twilight years. The government — instead of prudently putting that money aside — spent it. Now we are paying the price. When will someone do something about this problem?


Bravery on full display in airport blackout

AJC headlines said that the airport burnout was a botched response. Perhaps, but “ nothing is perfect.” This fiery electrical debacle showed imperfections, to say the least. But there was one conclusion that must not be overlooked: No one died from this disaster, and there were thousands present. With the bravery and good sense of firemen, police, security, various employees of airlines and helpful citizens, all did what they could while facing the possibility of great danger. No crushing mobs. No havoc. All lives were saved. Well done indeed!


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