Parents should stress fleeing police has consequences

I have to ask myself, how stupid can some people be? I constantly see stories about people being confronted by police and often running from them. In some cases, the perpetrators get shot. And the person shot, or their families, act like the perpetrator has done no wrong. Do you really expect the police to let you go, just because you run?

If that was the case, no one would ever get arrested. They’d just drive off, or run.

And let’s face it: That’s just stupid! So my position is, if you run from the police, don’t complain about the results of your actions. And to the families of these people that run from police, realize that not running from police could eliminate the outcome they want to prevent. There’s an epidemic in this country. Parents aren’t teaching their kids right from wrong. Teach your children better, and they may live longer.


Unaddressed white racism could kill U.S. democracy

Our democracy is on life support. Its Achilles heel is white racism. Racism is Putin’s most potent weapon in his war on America. Our racist gullibility makes us easy prey for Russian trolls. We swallow conspiracy theories rather than accept a black president. We let Russia subvert our elections rather than confront our nation’s original sin of white supremacy. We let foreign foes divide us by buying into the old lie that only whites are “real” Americans. The Confederacy blew up our country rather than treat blacks as human beings. After the Civil War, thousands of Southerners emigrated to Brazil rather than give up slavery. Today, some white Americans would rather renounce their rights than share them. They would deep-six 240 years of democracy before accepting people of color as fellow Americans and equal citizens. A white supremacist killed Lincoln. If we aren’t vigilant, racism will kill our democracy.


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