Voices from the 6th District

“We need a change in Washington. We need to promote the balance of power in the Congress. We need to send a message to all the country that we’re not happy with what’s going on. We want the president to become more honest in his relationship with the media and the people. Personally, I wish that the taxes would be decreased for the middle class.”

— Guillermo Rosales, a bookkeeper from DeKalb County, explaining why he voted for Jon Ossoff.

“I’ve voted for Karen Handel because I’m a conservative first and foremost. Jon Ossoff is not prepared, and he doesn’t live in the district. I want Handel to promote (President Donald) Trump’s agenda, to lower taxes and to build the wall. We’re being invaded, and we need to stop illegal immigration.

— Mike Nuttall, a territory sales manager from DeKalb County.

“Anything that can stop Trump in any way.”

— Darcy Oxman, self-employed, from east Cobb County. Voted for Ossoff.

“I’m not a huge Trump supporter, but having politicians whose sole goal is to oppose the president is going to put us at a standstill. She’s pushing less of an extreme agenda.”

— Gabby Yadid, a college student from east Cobb County who voted for Handel.

“The past couple of elections have shown that most people are sitting really close to center, and we’re tired of extremes on both sides.”

— Tony Promiscuo, a hair salon owner from east Cobb County.

“I’m sick of the nonsense and gridlock.”

— Ashley Woulfin, a consultant from east Cobb County, explaining that she wants the country to go in a more “positive” direction.

Staff writers Arielle Kass, Elena Kuznetsova and Meris Lutz contributed to this article.

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