Johns Creek council member donates her salary

Dec 07, 2017
Johns Creek City Council member Cori Davenport is donating her entire four-year salary, totaling $60,000, to the Johns Creek Public Safety Foundation. CITY OF JOHNS CREEK

A unanimous Johns Creek City Council has accepted an offer by one of its members to reallocate her entire, four-year salary as a council member to the Johns Creek Public Safety Foundation.

Cori Davenport’s salary, totaling $60,000, will go toward helping Johns Creek police officers and firefighters in their time of need, officials said. It is the largest single gift the foundation has received in its nine-year history.

“This is one of the most important and heartwarming charitable acts I have ever witnessed or had the privilege to be a part of,” said Steve Broadbent, mayor pro tem and chairman of the foundation.

Davenport was elected to a council seat in 2013 and declined its $15,000-a-year salary, intending to donate it to the foundation. Since there was no precedent for it, legal, financial, administrative and other issues had to be worked out, officials said.

Davenport did not run for reelection, and her salary donation was the final vote of her four-year term, officials said. Information: