Falcons invite long-lost Cobb brothers, both diehards, to final game

Dec 22, 2017
Courtesy of Kieron Graham
Kennesaw State University students Kieron Graham, left, and Vincent Ghant found out that they were brothers through an AncestryDNA test. Both diehard fans, they were invited to the Atlanta Falcons' final home game.

Kieron Graham and Vincent Ghant have missed 20 years worth of Atlanta Falcons games together as brothers, but the team is helping them make up for lost time.

The long-lost brothers will attend the Falcons’ final home game against the Carolina Panthers on Dec. 31 courtesy of the team.

The pair didn’t know they were brothers until Graham, 20, recently took an AncestryDNA test, a Christmas gift from his adoptive parents. Ghant came up as his strongest match.

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They realized they have lots of similarities, the most striking being that they are both political science majors with legal studies minors at Kennesaw State University.

Another one? They’re diehard Falcons fans.

That caught the attention of team president Rick McKay.

“What struck me was the idea of brotherhood and that these guys are the definition of it because they have a bond that goes back that they didn’t even know they had,” McKay said.

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Two Brothers Find Each Other Through Ancestry.com After 20 Years