Georgia Power currently spends $50 million per month on the project. In March 2017, Vogtle’s lead contractor, Westinghouse Electric, filed for bankruptcy. The project was already three years behind schedule and more than $3 billion over budget. Georgia Power’s Paul Bowers argues the project presents “long-term benefits to customers.” Critics have fought against Vogtle's expansion for years, citing cost and safety concerns. Cost and schedule estimates presented by Georgia Power may determine the project's fate. Plant Vogtle is one of Georgia's two nuclear power plants.

Southern Company faces fine for faking inspections at Plant Vogtle

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission is proposing a $145,000 civil penalty against Southern Company for faking inspections at it’s embattled plant Vogtle, according to Bloomberg.

A statement from the commission said some 13 workers at the site “did not complete required rounds to check equipment and plant conditions, but provided inaccurate documentation indicating that they had done so.”

The NRC said the false reporting happened between August to October 2016. Southern Company has 30 days to pay or appeal.

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