Vehicle thefts at new shopping center concern patrons

Nov 04, 2017
Channel 2 Action News
Several vehicle thefts have been reported at a new Publix shopping center in northwest Atlanta.

A new Publix shopping center in northwest Atlanta was eagerly anticipated by residents. However, there have been five vehicles broken into there and several others stolen, police said.

In one case, a thief jumped into a couple’s car while they were loading groceries into the trunk and then drove away.

“The car took off in wide-open throttle,” victim Seth Otey told Channel 2 Action News. “It all happened in less than a minute.”

He said he spoke with a manager at Publix, which is in the Moores Mill center on Marietta Boulevard, about the theft.

“They claim that they have tried to increase the number of cameras and hire security, but so far nothing has been successful,” Otey said.

Two security guards were seen patrolling the lot Friday night, but Otey said an off-duty officer might be able to do more to slow down the thefts.

“Other people have been shot at for their vehicles,” he said, “so we consider ourselves lucky that we got away safe.”

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