Toddler, who lost eye to cancer, gets a doll that looks just like her


A 3-year-old girl who lost her left eye to cancer is getting a confidence boost thanks to a toy maker.

According to the Huffington Post, little Brynn Munger of Utah was diagnosed with undifferentiated sarcoma when she was just one year old.

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She had a tumor in her left eye. Doctors had to remove the eye to cure her.

Brynn has been in remission for over 16 months and to mark her third birthday, her mother wanted to get her a doll that reflected her.

She reached out to a toy maker Jessica Sebastian. She asked Sebastian to create a bunny doll that had only a right eye.

Despite having a waitng list that was 60-people long, Sebastian rush-delivered the custom-made toy.

“To date, I don’t think I’ve ever been asked to create something so tender and meaningful,” Sebastian wrote on Facebook.

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Sebastian posted a photo of Brynn holding her new bunny to her Facebook page.

“My favorite part of this photo is how she is wearing her Wonder Woman nightgown. It perfectly represents the strength and courage of this little superhero,” wrote Sebastian.


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