Study: It’s gotten a little pricier to buy the ‘12 days of Christmas’

The classic carol “The Twelves Days of Christmas” is almost as old as the holiday tradition itself, so with the rising cost of “doing Christmas” it should be no surprise that the price tag for that partridge in a pear tree and those five golden rings has seen a hike.

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For 34 years, financial company PNC has issued its “PNC Christmas Price Index” to predict the cost of each of the 12 unusual items mention in the holiday jingle. Overall, the 12 days of Christmas will run you $34,558.65, a 0.6 percent increase from 2016. PNC’s Christmas Index still trails behind the federal government's Consumer Price Index, which increased 2.2 percent through September for the past 12 months.

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Since it is 2017 after all, most shoppers would opt for buying online. Online shopping for the dozen of gifts proves to be even pricier − $45,096 (a 1.1 percent increase from 2016). The uptick is still rather modest, since “companies appear hesitant to pass through price increases to the consumer,”  Thomas P. Melcher, chief investment officer for PNC Asset Management Group said in a press release.

Which days of Christmas are causing the hike? Find out below.

1. A partridge in a pear tree − $219.95 (4.7 percent +)

2. Two turtle doves − $375 (no price change)

3. Three French hens − $181.50 (no price change)

4. Four calling birds − $599.96 (no price change)

5. Five gold rings − $825 (10 percent+)

6. Six geese-a-laying − $360 (no price change)

7. Seven swans-a-swimming − $13,125

8. Eight maids-a-milking  − $58

9. Nine ladies dancing − $7,552.84

10. Ten lords-a-leaping  −$5,618.90 (2 percent +)

11. Eleven piper piping − $2,708.40 (no price change)

12. Twelve drummers drumming  −  $2,934.10 (no price change) 

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