Creamy sweet potato soup a seasonal favorite

  • C. W. Cameron
  • For the AJC
Sept 27, 2017

From the menu… Babette’s Cafe, 573 North Highland Ave. NE., Atlanta. 404-523-9121.

We dined at Babette’s for the first time in many years. Ordered a bowl of their sweet potato soup with creme fraiche and flavored with lime and cilantro. I’m a big soup fan and this was an all-time favorite. Thanks. — Mike Stamboly, Atlanta

This creamy soup is a seasonal favorite on the menu of Babette’s Cafe. Chef and owner Marla Adams says, “This recipe is the creation of chef Justin Kurtz. The jalapeño peppers and fresh lime give the soup a bright finish.” In our photo, the soup is garnished with deep fried julienned sweet potato strips.

A note about the recipe: Don’t be surprised by the direction to cook the vegetables until the butter is absorbed. That will happen as the sweet potatoes soften.