Sour syrup forms base for fresh, bright cocktail

Sept 13, 2017
  • By C. W. Cameron
  • For the AJC

From the menu … Scout, 321 W. Hill Street, Decatur; 404-496-6863;

A friend and I had Sunday brunch at Scout in Oakhurst and enjoyed the most delicious drink, About Last Night … Do you think the folks there will share the recipe for this wonderful cocktail?— Elizabeth Powers, Decatur

Nate Shuman, beverage director at Scout, developed this recipe and was glad to share. Here’s what he had to say about how it was created.

“About Last Night… started out based on us doing something in the same vein as a Bloody Mary but in the total opposite direction with the flavor. Instead of the richer savory experience, we are going with brighter flavors and a more thirst quenching drink. It’s really meant to be a fix-up miracle juice for those who may have taken Saturday a bit too hard. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables with a gentle touch of living vinegar make for happy campers across the board. It is also a versatile drink in that you can sub out the vodka for any number of more flavorful base spirits with almost endless tasty results. If you plan on having them at home yourself I recommend that you get them prepped on Saturday afternoon…”

The Cucumber-Ginger Sour is reminiscent of a shrub, a sprightly mixture of acid and sweet. You’ll have plenty so consider pairing it with sparkling water as well as serving it in this cocktail.