Get sweet on S&S Cafeteria’s apple pie with this recipe

  • C. W. Cameron
  • For the AJC
12:00 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2017 Food

From the menu of … S & S Cafeteria, 2002 Campbellton Road SW., Atlanta; 404-755-2005;

I’ve always loved the apple pie at S & S Cafeteria. Do you think they would share the recipe? — Nancy Johnson, Stone Mountain

S & S Cafeteria was happy to share the recipe for their apple pie. Since each store makes about 70 pies a week, instead of peeling, slicing and cooking fresh apples, they use a restaurant product, Musselman’s York Imperial Sliced Apples, Syrup Pack. You can find something equivalent by looking for canned sliced apples. They are available from brands like Comstock and Lucky Leaf and if your grocer doesn’t carry them, they may be able to get them for you. They’re also available online.

Because they make so many pies, when they make their cinnamon sugar mixture, they start with 50-pound bags of sugar. We cut that way, way down. But cinnamon sugar will store almost indefinitely so feel free to expand on what’s called for in the recipe and use it to make cinnamon toast or lots of apple pies.