Photo: Henri Hollis
Photo: Henri Hollis

From the menu: Learn to make Double Zero’s Zucchini Cake

From the menu … Double Zero, 1577 N. Decatur Road, Atlanta; 404-991-3666;

When Double Zero relocated from Sandy Springs to Emory Village, their popular zucchini cake disappeared from the menu. It was the best cake in town and I haven’t been able to forget how moist and delicious it was. Is there any way you could convince the Castelluccis to share? There are many Atlantans who would bake this cake! — Katherine Bruss, Decatur

Double Zero’s original recipe is four times the size of the one we’re providing for you here. It’s very much like a carrot cake, but with zucchini in place of the drier carrots, it’s more moist than the carrot cakes you remember. Another difference is the buttermilk glaze used to keep the cake even more moist. In our photo, the restaurant has plated the cake in a single layer accompanied with a carrot-ginger puree and a scoop of pineapple chutney.

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