WINNER: Best appetizer in Atlanta

In the art of dining well, the appetizer is the precursor to main event. It's also an opportunity for a restaurant to express some creativity and make a real statement.

Queso Fundido at Superica in Krog Street Market comes in our No. 1 spot with broiled chihuahua, monterey and jack cheeses, served with warm tortillas and avocado salsa verde. Yum. 

WINNER: Best dish under $10 in Atlanta

If you know anything about happy apps in Atlanta, then it's no surprise that the Oysters at Kimball House in Decatur stole second place. You won't regret this fancy feast. 

These three Georgia restaurants made the list of top 100 U.S. ‘hot spots’ in 2017

The Humpty Dumpty at Muss and Turner's in Smyrna once again steals the show coming in third place. As our number one winner last year, this app continues to impress. 

Still hungry? Try our other official nominees for the ultimate of appetizers: Jumbo Pretzel with Beer Cheese and Mustard at Roux On Canton in Roswell, Dau Hu Rang Muoi/Vietnamese Tofu at Soba in East Atlanta, In Jars at Empire State South in Midtown and Gumbo Cup at Boudreaux's Cafe Acadiana in Duluth.

Don't underestimate the power of dining al fresco. It will take an already fantastic dining eperience and rocket launch it into space. Here are some of the best unknown patios in Atlanta to wine and dine. 

Wondering what to drink with your delicious appetizer? Try one of these cognac based cocktails. Love bourbon? Here's a short list of some of the best bourbon-based concoctions in town. 

Read about our other Best of Atlanta winners and nominees here. 

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