Learn to make Harry & Sons’ Spicy Chicken or Tofu Coconut Soup

From the menu … Harry & Sons, 820 N. Highland Ave., Atlanta. 404-873-2009;

There’s no other soup in this city as craveable as the Coconut Soup at Harry & Sons. The second the temperature dips below 60 they’re my first stop. Can you please track down this recipe for me? — Caroline Clements, Atlanta

When we talked with A. J. Rattanawan at Harry & Sons he was happy to dictate the recipe. One tip he gave us was that using a quality fish sauce is really important. “Some brands are too fishy. Other people will add soy sauce to color the soup and add saltiness, but we think the fish sauce takes care of that.”

He also mentioned that when this soup is served in Thailand, it’s made with a whole chicken, cut up with bones and all. Here in the U.S., we prefer our soup with our chicken neatly skinned, boned and diced. And he suggests you can make this a vegan soup by using water instead of chicken stock.

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