Recipe: Country Kitchen’s meatloaf with special tomato glaze

From the menu… The Country Kitchen, 17800 U.S. 27, Pine Mountain. 706-663-2281.

[We] love the meatloaf at The Country Kitchen at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain. It has this amazing tomato glaze on top and is a lovely moist piece of meatloaf. It’s a long way to drive from Marietta almost to Columbus – just to eat this meatloaf! Could you convince the chef to share the recipe? Thank you! Lynn and Randy Phillips, Marietta

The Country Kitchen is the restaurant inside Callaway Gardens Country Store. Once spring hours kick in on March 11, the restaurant will be open for breakfast every day, lunch Sundays through Thursdays and then all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Fridays and Saturdays. The restaurant is known for its “down home Southern cooking” and beautiful views of Pine Mountain.

The meatloaf as it is made at The Country Kitchen calls for one particular ingredient only available in food service quantities — Uncle Ben’s Cornbread Stuffing Mix. We substituted widely available Stove Top Cornbread Stuffing Mix to delicious results.

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