Choreographers explore violence, migration, redemption

This fall, many Atlanta dance artists are examining the world’s political shifts, trying to make sense of some of the weightier issues at hand. As for the season’s lighter side, even fairy tales have moral lessons, and a 1789 French comedy ballet hints at revolution.

‘X.’ In this 10-year retrospective, current and former Staibdance company members will join with local guest artists to revive past works, aiming to discover their relevance in today’s polarized society. Choreographer George Staib’s contemporary works mine personal memories for broader themes that range from violence and redemption to human migration and cultural assimilation. Aug. 25-26, EmoryUniversity Performing Arts Studio,1804 N. Decatur Road, Atlanta. $25.

Glo. Lauri Stallings’ organization continues to extend its community reach through social art. “Sol’s Revival” will activate Sol LeWitt’s “54 Columns” public art installation through storytelling, drawing, movement choirs, social dancing, conversations with city council candidates and Glo’s startling performances. Oct. 8-Nov. 5. Sol LeWitt’s “54 Columns,” 625 Highland Ave., Atlanta, and various sites in Historic Fourth Ward. Free.

‘Beauty and the Beast.’ A curse, a young beauty, a rogue and a kiss — all play parts in Bruce Wells’ fairy tale love story, receiving its world premiere with the debut of Atlanta Ballet 2, the new training ensemble. Set to music by Leo Delibes, this family friendly production combines classical dancing with story to imply that when a person’s character is concerned, appearances can be deceiving. Sept. 29-Oct. 1, Infinite Energy Theater, 6400 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Duluth; Feb. 8-11, Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre. $12-$57.

‘La Fille Mal Gardee.’ In his third year as The Georgia Ballet’s artistic director, Daet Rodriguez will present Sir Frederick Ashton’s enduring version of this 1789 comedy about a peasant girl and her boyfriend who together must outwit her mother’s plans to marry her to a rich simpleton. Enlightened in its day, “La Fille” threw out baroque artifice for natural expression; its characters were neither gods nor courtiers, but everyday people. Oct. 7-8, Marietta Performing Arts Center, 1171 Whitlock Ave., Marietta. $10-$30.

Ailey II. In 2012, when Atlanta Tri-Cities High School alum Juel D. Lane created “Moments of Dis,” Atlanta Ballet’s first main stage commission from a locally based, independent black choreographer, it was a stepping stone toward his upcoming choreographic debut with Ailey II, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater’s touring second company. As part of Ailey’s new Destination Dance initiative to offer year-round programming in Atlanta, Ailey II will present Lane’s piece on love, “Touch and Agree,” an energized and emotionally honest work drawing from hip-hop, African and contemporary dance traditions. Oct. 21, Rialto Center for the Arts, 80 Forsyth St., Atlanta. $41-$69.

“Human Landscapes.” CORE Performance Company’s world premiere, created in collaboration with France-based choreographer Germana Civera, delves into the subject of human migration: what it means to be exiled and displaced into a strange and sometimes hostile environment. Co-produced with France-Atlanta, “Human Landscapes” helps realize the organization’s 2017 theme, the art of coexistence. Oct. 26-29, B-Complex, 1272 Murphy Ave., Atlanta. $15.


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