Survey says... America hates Equifax

Feb 02, 2018

If the current network TV trend of bringing back classic shows updated for the present continues, you might be watching “Everybody Hates Equifax” soon.

Equifax is the No. 1 most hated company in America, according to a survey posted Jan. 22 on

It’s just one more insult to the injuries recently sustained by the Atlanta-based credit reporting agency, which announced in September 2017 that hackers had accessed its data on more than 145 million consumers

Photos shows former Former Equifax Chief Executive Richard Smith and the company headquarters in Atlanta. Photo: Associated Press / AJC

Since the hack, Equifax fired CEO Richard Smithfound itself on the hot seat before Congresshas faced lawsuits and investigations and has seen its reputation take a nosedive among American consumers.

Equifax also topped the list of most complained-about financial institutions in 2017, with 30,576 complaints being logged across all states, according to Clark Howard’s consumer action website,

But Equifax is working to repair the damageThe company understands its failures, spokeswoman Meredith Griffanti told the AJC in November.

“We have apologized and continue to apologize for the incident, and we also acknowledged that we let everyone down by the way our response was initially handled,” she said. “Consumers put their trust in us, and we did not live up to their expectations.”

On its website, Equifax has launched a page detailing the cybersecurity incident that lists options for consumers, including a simple way to check if personal information has been compromised. The site also includes a list of steps to take if you're among the affected.

The company has extended its free credit freeze deal to consumers, originally set to expire Jan. 31,  to June 30, according to NerdWallet.