Burn 750 calories in 45 minutes at Atlanta's first F45 studio

Just when you thought you had figured out what CrossFit, P90X, MP45, Insanity and all the other HIIT (high intensity interval training) inspired workouts out there were all about, there is yet another one taking center stage.

F45 (aka function 45) earned a cult following after officially launching in Australia in 2014. The workout -- which employs a 45-minute, HIIT circuit style technique featuring functional movements (movements you would make in everyday life) -- quickly became a celebrity (Hugh Jackman, Nicole Richie) and Instagram favorite. It is also the official training partner for the Brooklyn Nets, Philadelphia 76’ers and Dallas Mavericks.

Before and after pictures of bodies transformed from squishy to solid and a reported 750 calorie burn in 45-minutes, have helped fuel the brand's rapid growth to 800 studios in 26 countries. It is now the second largest functional training network in the world after CrossFit.

In 2016, the workout arrived in the U.S. Last month, Greg Chickneas opened the first location in metro-Atlanta at 220 Pharr Road at the Shops Buckhead Atlanta. Three more locations are scheduled to open soon in Alpharetta, Dunwoody and John's Creek.

“This is an exciting time for F45 Training as we expand in the U.S. and more specifically right here in Atlanta,” said Chickneas in a statement. “F45 Training combines elements of high-intensity interval training, circuit training and functional training all in one workout, a unique fitness concept we’re excited to share with the Atlanta community.”

There are currently 27 different, 45-minute workouts that have been developed by the F45 Athletics department. The experiences have playful names like the Hollywood which focuses on strength, core stability and cardiovascular endurance, or the Brooklyn which does the same, but highlights boxing and MMA. The Flamingo: Athletica is all about cardio while the Romans: Resistance gives the same burn with more resistance work. All are designed to zap as much fat and build as much lean muscle as possible in 45 minutes.

You spend 30-40 seconds at 27 stations (there is a 10-second break to change over) doing moves such as chin ups or using a balance ball, before taking a one minute breather. The moves are designed to work several body parts at once and to train the body for activities that you do each day. Screens at each station countdown your time and walk you though the moves as two instructors circulate to help correct your posture and offer support.

F45 devotees say they can see their body composition changing in just a few weeks, but the real changes happen over a period of about eight weeks. Hence, the studio's popular 8-week challenge which is offered free to members to help them quickly reach weight loss goals . The challenge gives access to meal plans, video and blogs that help users stay on track.

A free two-week free trial helps users decide if the workout is for them and drop in classes cost $20.

For information, visit www.f45training.com/Buckhead.





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