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Watching 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' so you don't have to (season 6, episode 4)

This was posted on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

The producers of "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' usually try to keep the number of "Springer" moments to one per episode. There are even episodes with no actual physical fights.

But this past Monday night, they decided to double up the ridiculousness by airing back-to-back fights.

Jasmine vs. Karlie

Yung Joc thinks he may have slept with Jasmine, the woman who did sleep with Kirk Frost and supposedly had his baby. Word of this gets back to Rod, who has two lady friends under his wing including Jasmine. Jasmine says that's not true at all. Rod gets upset when he hears Joc spreading this around "in the streets." So he and Jasmine meet up with Joc and Karlie Redd. Joc backtracks a bit, thinking that he did sleep with a Jasmine. Maybe it was a different Jasmine. Fuzzy liquor brain can do that. (Apparently, Jasmine is a common name in stripper land.) Jasmine is also upset that Karlie is showing pictures of her son Kannon to everyone and their grandmother. Karlie, instead of deleting the photos, gets angry and defiant, leading Jasmine to reach across the table for her. But the table is wide. I'm not even sure they touch each other before the "Springer" guards get to them.

Fight intensity on a scale of 1 to 10: 2.5

Tresure vs. Tommie

Tommie - the woman with many mug shots - has taken anger management classes. They aren't working. She is peeved with newcomer and radio wannabe Tresure for calling her "low" in regards to her violent tendencies and prison record. Tommie thinks Tresure is hardly a catch herself given that she proudly says she is sleeping with a married dude. They meet up at some spa and the conversation goes "low" in a matter of seconds. Tommie throws fruit. They begin scuffling aggressively. It takes the security guards several seconds to separate them. They grab each other and flail a bit but I don't think there were any direct hits. It was close, though.

Fight intensity on a scale of 1 to 10: 6.7

Joseline vs. everyone else

Joseline is now pregnant and claims to have turned a new leaf. She has a baby on board. There will be no physical fights for her. She can't endanger that baby! She has one friend on the show, Melissa Frost, brought in seemingly to play mediator. Joseline has a new song and wants some of her old frenemies to join her in a video to show solidarity and "empowerment" (her favorite current word) to prove that people can get along even after they don't. "Who can say no to a pregnant girl?" Joseline says. Answer: plenty of people. Melissa approaches Tammy Rivera and Karlie Redd, both whom have had beefs with Joseline. Both say, "Hell to the no." But at the end of the episode, Jessica "I need more airtime" Dime shows up.

Moriah vs. boss Sierra vs. her husband Shooter

Nail salon worker Moriah, who is appalled that Lovely Mimi quit the salon, tries to smooth things over with Sierra. But Sierra is fine with Mimi leaving. She didn't like her anyway. Sierra is having issues with her husband Shooter. The show sets this plot line up by having them meet with Karlie and Joc. Shooter and Sierra have a contrived argument over work priorities and leave. Later, we find out (ulp!) that Moriah has been sleeping with Shooter. "Is my secret safe?" he asks her in front of the TV cameras. Yep. So safe.

Rasheeda vs. Kirk

Kirk goes to meet with Rasheeda at her shop to clear the air about his cheatin' ways. Rasheeda's mom Shirleen recommends they get divorced. Kirk keeps sidestepping issues with the baby, saying he just paid Jasmine to shut her up, that it might not even be the baby. He also blames Rasheeda for not being intimate enough with him, which is why he stepped out on her. (Typical excuse of a cheating spouse.) Rasheeda gives him some verbal whipping but does not utter the word divorce. To be continued.

Next week: Stevie J confronts a son he hasn't spent enough time with. He also may reconcile with Joseline. "Everybody deserves a second chance," he says. He also checks if the baby is his. And the Moriah/Sierra/Shooter love triangle hits the fan.



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