Virginia Prescott: 'On Second Thought' replacement for Celeste Headlee

Posted Monday, April 2, 2018 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Georgia Public Broadcasting has named Virginia Prescott as the new host of its mid-morning talk show "On Second Thought," replacing Celeste Headlee, who has moved back to D.C.

According to her Facebook page, Prescott is coming to Atlanta in early May and part of the impetus for coming down here is her boyfriend Matt Arnett, who lives here.

She has been host of "Word of Mouth" on New Hampshire Public Radio for the past 10 years. She used to work at Boston's WBUR-FM, where she was a producer for "Here & Now."

Headlee started "On Second Thought," which airs daily at 9 a.m., in 2014 and was there for nearly four years. She left in February. She recently wrote a book about how to have a conversation that played off a Ted Talk she did a few years ago that went viral.

Here is Prescott's note to the public yesterday in full:

Happy/Sad news to share, though right now it feels sad. I'm moving to Atlanta to become host of On Second Thought at Georgia Public Broadcasting in early May! I'm a huge fan girl of founding host Celeste Headlee, so giant shoes to fill, not to mention the Word of Mouth-sized hole that's crowded with listeners who I've come to know IRL and on FB. But, I'm an even bigger fan of my boyfriend Matt Arnett and his daughter Viva and the new adventure that awaits me in the ATL. Pretty please continue be my friend as I stretch my heart, brain & soul. Onward!

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