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'The Walking Dead' recap ('Say Yes'): season 7, episode 12, Thelma & Louise??

This was posted Sunday, March 5, 2017 by Rodney Ho on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Rick and his crew need guns. Lots of guns. So they find guns. And ready to eat meals! Mac and cheese! Chili! Beef stroganoff! Yum! But not... enough.

Unfortunately, it took some serious tedium the first half of this episode before things got even mildly interesting. I grade this episode a C-plus/B-minus.

Sonequa Martin, who plays Sasha, was cast recently on "Star Trek: Discovery." I'm just saying that because of what happened in tonight's episode Rosita (Christian Serratos) went to the Hilltop to meet up with Sasha to plan to do a little kamikaze mission to kill Negan.

They are willing to die for it, too. They are also doing this before Rick is even ready to fight.

Both want revenge for Abraham's death and figure they've got nothing more to live for except to help the greater good. So why not go rogue? They are also willing to swallow their differences over Abraham dumping Rosita for Sasha before his death.

It could very well be metaphorically like this:

Anyway, let's get to what else happened tonight:

Collecting supplies has never been so delightful!

For a time, Rick and Michonne were acting as if they were on a fun extended zombie apocalyptic date, collecting food and jumping in the sack. Too bad, they didn't use Herman's Hermit's "I'm Into Something Good" as the backdrop music. It would have been even more fun!

Hey! A carnival!

The lovey-dovey couple find what looked like a military camp that had been a carnival but ended up being all carnage and all walkers instead. They could see a lot of guns among the walkers. They stand on the roof and for fun, Michonne shot some cans long distance. Get her a teddy bear! Instead, they fall through the roof into a locked shed which happened to have a treasure trove of bottled water and meals.

Thinking ahead

In a burst of optimism, Michonne declares Rick the Leader of the Post Negan world. He said he'll need her help. Democracy at work!

Not so fast on the laughs you two!

It's all fun and games until you think the man of your dreams is being eaten by walkers. They are goofing around competing to see who can kill more walkers. But when Rick sees a deer, he climbs up a ferris wheel to get a shot but instead falls to the ground. He runs out of ammo and it "appears" he's being devoured. Michonne runs over. She's devastated. She drops her katana. She appears ready to be eaten, too. This was clearly not going to happen because Rick is not going to die now. Of course, he's in some sort of box, bursts out and kills a few walkers and throws Michonne's katana back to her. They kill off the rest of the walkers.  They then pick up 63 guns.

But is 63 enough for the Scavengers?

Nope. Jadis, the leader, wants more before she's ready to fight Negan.

Why is Michonne so bummed?

She is deeply shaken that she thought Rick had died. But Rick tells her his own fears, that he is still dogged by the death of Glenn. Glenn saved hi. m in the tank season one, episode one, and Rick was unable to save him at the hands of Negan. He also knows this war is going to take lives. But he said they want a future for Judith and for Maggie and Glenn's kid that isn't as ruthless as Negan's - even if that means he and/or Michonne might perish. This war, he said, is bigger than either of them.


How long will it take for Tara to cave and reveal the Oceanside crew?

She tries to talk herself out of it with Judith, the toddler, who gives her no advice. (What use is she?). But after Jadis' request, she feels compelled to tell Rick about Oceanside. Oceanside will surely be highly displeased to be brought into this mess after Tara promised to leave them alone. But given that the producers spent an entire episode on Oceanside, you know they HAD to be dragged into this war.

Why is Rosita all emo?

Rosita skulks around all angry over losing Abraham and seeing Eugene carted off. She at least helps repair her ripped cheek. She spends a day trying to find guns and only finds a fake one. Frustrated, she vents to Gabriel, as if he has anything useful to say to her at this point. Ultimately, once Rick and Michonne find a cache of guns, she takes a couple, goes to the Hilltop and convinces Sasha to join her in trying to assassinate Negan.


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