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'Southside' Steve Rickman becoming a dad

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His boys can swim!

Long-time radio personality "Southside" Steve Rickman, at age 52, is going to be a father.

"We planned this," he said in an interview today. "We decided to begin trying in May. I got her pregnant within a month and a half."

The long-time bachelor married the much younger Amanda Rickman in 2014. He said he wanted them to enjoy life without kids for a couple of years but were always intent on having (hopefully) two young'uns.

He has two brothers and would like a boy, but Amanda and her family are totally on board with a girl. Either way, he said he's fine.

Rickman, who is part of the Bailey and Southside show on Rock 100.5, was a member of the Regular Guys show on both 96rock and Rock 100.5 for many years. At that time, he was known as an inveterate player, bragging about sleeping with more than 400 women before Amanda came along when he was 48 years old.

Amazingly, he never impregnated a single woman as a single guy despite rarely using a condom. "I'm lucky," he said, noting that he has also remained disease free.

He said he's now ready to be a dad and expects he's much better prepared now than he might have been 10 or 20 years ago. "I'm going to be okay being an older dad," he said.

Amanda, a nutritionist and weight-loss counselor, has not had any issues yet with the pregnancy. Instead, Rickman said he's experienced nausea and stomach pain, a common condition of sympathetic nerves.

"I'm a hot mess," he said. "She's fine."

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