Ryan Cameron closed shop at V-103 today

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I normally would never miss a final day of a radio show of a legend, but I just landed at LaGuardia to visit my parents in New York. Bad timing. Fortunately, it's 2018 and I was able to catch the last two hours of Ryan Cameron's final show on V-103 at Atlanta Comedy Theater in Norcross via the TuneIn app. 

Ryan Cameron finished a week-long farewell tour today around metro Atlanta on V-103, his home for 18 years in two stints.

"It's not goodbye," he said at the very end of the four hours today. "It's just so long, for now. I love you all man!"

Cameron, who is off to become a business partner for a new brand strategy firm Rakanter, received a farewell from Elle Duncan, now on ESPN. Cameron helped launch Duncan's career. Kendra G, who worked with Cameron in 2013 and is now on a morning show in Chicago at 107.5/WGCI-FM, also wished him well.

"You catapulted them," Jarard J said.

Cameron noted others who he helped, including La La Anthony and Ludacris. "People say you are hard to work for," he said. "I expect the best out of you. I don't expect second best. When you go great, they say, 'You was right!'... If you are sitting on the edge and are waiting to jump, I'm going to push your a**! Go get it!"

Then he added that as a hometown boy, Atlanta will always be part of his soul. "While we celebrate the rest of the show, I'm always going to be ATL. I'm not moving."

Before today's final broadcast at the Atlanta Comedy Theater in Norcross, he had also made stops at K&K Soul Food in Bankhead, a McDonald's in Decatur, a McDonald's in College Park and a Krispy Kreme in Smyrna.

Christopher "Crash" Clark came by as well. He worked with Cameron doing traffic in the 1990s on Hot 97.5 and later on his V-103 afternoon show and for a year, on his morning show. He is now covering traffic at 11Alive. "When you get your yacht, we'll pull up to Steamhouse [Lounge] and eat some crab legs!" Clark said, as they reminisced how he became "Crash D" while on Hot.

Rick Caffey, Cameron's boss, noted how rare it is for a morning man to come from the market they grew up in. He also said that Cameron is only the sixth person to sit in the chair in the history of V-103 and thanked him "for picking up that torch and taking us to the next level. Love you, brother!"

A previous V-103 morning show from the 1990s - Mike Roberts, Carol Blackmon, Marjorie Coley and Dan Fears - sent him wishes by phone. "I commend all the work you've done," Roberts said," to entertain us, making us laugh."

"You're not just a king but a boss," Coley said.

Ludacris also made an appearance during the 9 a.m. hour: "I love you man. I know it's the next chapter of your life. It's going to get bigger and better!"

Cameron, during the show's waning minutes, did his very final signature "Friday" song and offered up his parting words. He related a story about how his chiropractor told him a few years back that he needed bigger shoes. Cameron said he scoffed. But when he went to the Foot Locker, he found out that, yes, "for ten-plus years I was in the wrong-sized shoes. The moral of the story: you are never too old to grow."

He thanked Wanda and Miss Sophia and then praised Jarard J. "You remind me of me," Cameron told Jarard. "You're going to do big things. Maybe not here. You have the talent. You have the gift. Get the bag, bro!"

He then thanked the fans for listening all these years and supporting him and accepting him through all his trials and tribulations and triumphs.

Tonight, there is a farewell party at Opium with Frank Ski spinning. (Ski will return to the morning spot with Wanda Smith and Miss Sophia later this month.)

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