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'RHOA' roundup: Phaedra/Apollo divorce drama, Nene vs. Kim, Matt Jordan vs. Peter Thomas

This was posted Monday, March 26, 2017 by Rodney Ho on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

It was a field day for TMZ last week compiling various dramatic bits from the lives of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" women and men. I'm only now getting around to addressing them because honestly, my story log is backed up a bit like I-285 during rush hour.

Here are three battles going on:

1- Phaedra Parks vs. Apollo Nida

Phaedra Parks supposedly finalized her divorce this past November when Nida didn't respond to the filing. And she was telling folks on "Real Housewives of Atlanta" last fall that the marriage was 100% finito. Then oddly, Nida filed his own papers a month later. What gives?

A federal judge, TMZ reported late Friday, tossed out Parks' divorce filing for multiple reasons.

Nida has been in federal prison for financial fraud for more than two and a half years. He is about one third through his eight-year sentence. He is already engaged to another woman.

Parks in her initial divorce filing created deliberate misspellings to perhaps hide it from public view (and it worked for a time) and seemed to try to do push the divorce through without Nida's input or knowledge. Nida was not informed or served the final papers or provided information about the final hearing. That's why he filed his own divorce papers in December, 2016.

Parks' spokesman later sent this statement, without explaining Parks' original rationale for her questionable legal maneuverings: "It’s very confusing why a man who is engaged and enjoys frequent visits with his fiancée would work so aggressively to avoid ending his marriage. Regardless, Phaedra is reviewing her options with her attorney to determine the most efficient path toward ending this marriage so she can move forward and focus on raising strong, healthy and happy children.”

In a new TMZ post today, Nida supposedly thinks Parks is hiding assets and he wants his cut. He also wants joint custody of the kids although his ability to spend time with them is a bit, um, hindered right now.

Craziness quotient: super high. Why is this even happening?

2- Nene Leakes vs. Kim Zolciak

NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak are both negotiating with Bravo to come back for the 10th season of "Real Housewives of Atlanta."

Both were original stars of the show when it hit the airwaves in 2008. Kim left in season five and has five seasons of her own spinoff "Don't be Tardy" under her belt. Leakes left after season seven but made a small appearance season eight and is scheduled to pop up briefly season nine as well along with Kim.

TMZ taped NeNe last week saying she said it was "not possible" for Kim to be paid more than NeNe. Why? She would only say "I've been there a very long time." At the same time, she doesn't know what Kim is being offered and wouldn't say how much she herself might get. Kim has said she'd join the show again if the price is right because for her, it's truly all about the benjamins.

Craziness quotient: low. Of course NeNe thinks she's worth more than Kim. She was on the show longer and considered herself the bigger star from day one.

3- Peter Thomas vs. Matt Jordan

Peter Thomas, who has been in the middle of a divorce with Cynthia Bailey, and Matt Jordan, Kenya Moore's ex, got into a physical quarrel at an unnamed Charlotte radio station, TMZ reported.

Not surprisingly, hotheaded Matt reportedly charged at Peter, who supposedly filing a police report against Matt.

According to JasmineBrand, Matt in an Instagram Live video was upset that Peter had "coached" him about getting money from Kenya that he was ultimately unable to get. But Peter said in his own video it wasn't "coaching." He and Todd Tucker (Kandi's husband) told Matt they both get cuts from their spouses for showing up on the TV show but he didn't advise Matt in any way on how to get paid himself.

TMZ did not state why the two got so angry. Peter didn't mention Matt in this video by name but said there is a video of the fight and Matt was trying to stop it from being released. So far, it has not seen the light of day:

Craziness quotient: high. Why are these two even beefing? Matt may be upset about his RHOA compensation (or lack thereof) but why take it out on Peter?

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