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'Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap with 'Roachgate' in full attack: season 10, episode 13

Posted by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

This has been an odd trip to Barcelona because the primary battle this week is between NeNe Leakes and - in absentia - Kim Zolciak.

Kim is sowing chaos and she is 4,500 miles away.

But she didn't start it. She simply chose not to go to Spain for two reasons: her husband Kroy couldn't come and she had health worries about taking long trips on an airplane. (See Kim's "Dancing With the Stars" stroke issue in 2015 that came about from cross-country travel and forced her to withdraw from that competition and led to heart surgery.)

NeNe mocked both reasons. She thinks Kim is unhealthily attached to her husband. Then she made fun of Kim's multitude of medical ailments, including a cancer scare (not cancer), a thyroid issue and her heart problems. She thinks Kim has such a sour attitude despite all those problems, that she should be more grateful she is even alive.

The two former friends have been on the outs for awhile. This seals the death of their relationship for sure.

Sheree, who is not at all defensive about her need to spill tea, wasted no time to tell Kim by phone what NeNe had said. Kim went into her usual expletive-ridden tirade (e.g. "Is this motherf******* b**** for real?") and decided to text all the ladies a Snapchat video her oldest daughter Brielle had taken of cockroaches in NeNe's home. Kim also showed a photo of NeNe's vehicle in a handicapped spot.

Her message: NeNe is a slob and NeNe will break rules for convenience's sake.

NeNe did not take this well, of course. She said her home is clean and that she actually was driving a handicapped friend.

She also threw out a ton of curses toward Kim: "She's a trashy no good b****. She's always been trash. She will always be trash. That was so catty!"

Soon, it will turn racial as well. 


There were a couple of other minor tension points:

NeNe vs. Kandi

Kandi Burruss and Shamea Morton nabbed the best rooms at the villa. NeNe was annoyed. So she and Marlo Hampton tried to pull the "We're more mature" card to convince Kandi to move to their less idyllic rooms. That's weak sauce. Kandi held firm. And when others began teasing NeNe about using the age card by calling her an "elder," she got super annoyed despite the fact she brought it up first. NeNe is super sensitive about her age. (Shh... she's 50!)

Porsha vs. Cynthia

Cynthia wanted more details about what Eva Marcille knew regarding her kinda boyfriend Will Jones. When Porsha tried to interrupt with her so-called knowledge from the "streets," Cynthia shut her down because she wanted to hear more from Eva.  Cynthia even brought up Porsha bringing up rumors in the past about her ex Peter Thomas.

Porsha felt hurt, deemed Cynthia's attitude and words was a dis after she thought the two of them had patched things up.

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