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'Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap ('Thelma and Louise Take Flint'): season 9, episode 11

This is posted on Sunday, January 22, 2017 by Rodney Ho on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Porsha Williams has had anger issues on the show, with three examples caught on camera.

To review, she attacked Kenya Moore on a season six reunion show. She got into a tussle with Cynthia Bailey season eight (though Cynthia started it). She got into some fight the same season with some non-"Housewives" person that "Housewives" partly captured on tape.

As a result, she was shown earlier this season taking an anger management classes.  She promised to be more zen like with the other ladies and to date, she has not laid a finger on anybody.

But based on how she reacted to Kenya bringing up the subject again on tonight's episode, she's still struggling with her emotions when people get on her case.

Kenya asked her about anger management classes in a bit of a provocative way because that's the way Kenya is. (Her excuse was Phaedra Parks' plans for the crew to go "glamping," which is fancy camping and worries about Porsha's ability to not get violent.) If Porsha was truly okay, she wouldn't have taken the bait. She would have said, in a humble way, yes, she was taking classes, that she has learned how to deal with it and everything was better. Case closed.

Instead, she copped a defensive attitude immediately. She said she felt ambushed. She then blamed Kenya for starting the fight during the reunion show rather than take responsibility for own actions. She said she was taking classes for herself, not for them.

Kandi instantly sensed Porsha's attitude was not a person who was handling anger as well as she thinks she is. "She doesn't think she has a problem," Kandi told the cameras. When Porsha accused Kandi of "piggybacking" on Kenya's "curiosity," Kandi got upset and started cursing and the two sides verbally tussled.

Porsha got up and left. Sheree Whitfield accused Kenya of provoking drama (she does) and in her own provocative way wondered why Matt Jordan was breaking windows on her, implying Kenya was "asking for it." (Kenya said Matt may be violent but has not laid a hand on her.) Kenya then said Sheree had been victim of domestic violence, which Sheree denied.

Kandi left the scene. So did Kenya and Cynthia. This left Phaedra Parks, Sheree and Porsha.

Phaedra had mentioned to Kenya during an earlier episode that Porsha would talk to the ladies about her anger issues at some point. So when Porsha confronted Phaedra about it, Phaedra denied that had happened despite evidence otherwise. Porsha warned Phaedra of befriending Kenya because Kenya is dangerous. (Phaedra should know given her history with Kenya but she at some point decided to forgive her.)

The trailers show these dynamics will shift yet again, with Porsha wondering if Phaedra could be trusted any more than Kenya.


Phaedra and Kenya have gotten much chummier after several years of a Cold War. They spend several days together at a camp Phaedra held for 150 children of Flint affected by lead in their water. Phaedra brings Kenya along because of Kenya's ties to Detroit, where she grew up.

Based on what we saw, the kids have  a great time and so do  Phaedra and Kenya. Kenya even gives the girls a pep talk which included "twirling" and ensuring the girls are "fabulous!"

Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia moves in temporarily with Kandi while her house is closing.

Kandi is amused that Cynthia brought cereal with her. No sign, though, that Kenya moved in as she considered last week after Matt broke her windows.


Porsha Williams

In other Porsha news, her boyfriend Todd leaves his job for her.

She doesn't like that. She says all this uncertainty is scary to her. He says he loves her and vice versa.

Later, she faints at a nail salon, due to stress. She notes she has fainted many times before, that this is a medical issue. The doctor orders she take some bed rest for a couple of days. ( Shamea Morton, who was a guest on the show season 8, makes a cameo and appears to return next week as well.)

Todd complains that Porsha works too much. She wants a more serious commitment from him but doesn't bring up the "M" word. It's unclear exactly what she wants from him.


Sheree Whitfield

Ex-husband Bob brings Sheree to Paris on Ponce's Le Maison Rouge, which is a rental space which has been featured on several reality shows including Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. He is trying to woo her yet again after the "Loving Hut" date

He said going to the real Paris was one of their good memories, which is why he chose this loaction. He has a woman do a cabaret show and provides some French food - or at least french fries. He even dances himself. She appears to be liking him more and more, saying this Bob reminds her of their early days before their marriage went sour.

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