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'Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap ('Tastes Like Trouble'): season 9, episode 6

This was posted on Monday, December 12, 2016 by Rodney Ho on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan kicked up the drama to 11 on Sunday's "Real Housewives of Atlanta."

He supposedly got upset and punched out her garage door window in the middle of the night. Later, they argued vociferously in the driveway before he peeled away.

But what is real and what isn't? It's often hard to tell with Kenya.

Matt later told RadarOnline the entire "attack" of Moore Manor on August 15 was staged.

“Miss Moore requested I do that and certain things to build her storyline,” he told the publication. “I never broke anything that wasn’t already planned to happen. It was agreed upon prior to it. It was per her decision to boost her storyline on the show.”

I'm sure Kenya would deny that so let's take this at face value. She said he got upset over some Throwback Thursday photo of her with Jay Z on a music video. ("I need a man that is confident," Kenya told Cynthia Bailey. "I don't want to tiptoe on what I'm doing.") He then left town in a huff to visit his sister, she said. He missed that ATV event last week. He returned to drunkenly knock out some windows at Moore Manor, as shown in the video.

Kenya is shown crying to Cynthia Bailey by phone about it. "He's acting like a child," she wailed. She then talked to a producer, saying how she so wants this relationship to work and hates fighting all the time, that he feels pressure being a "regular guy" with a star like her.

He calls and apologizes again, promises to change. She insists they do it in person. When he arrives, he is annoyed that the RHOA cameras are still there.

He said as a young man, he gets angry sometimes and breaks things. But he would never touch her. She's not so sure. He also said she has been verbally abusive to him. She doesn't buy it.

"You're manipulative and fundamentally deceptive," he said to her. (A lot of people would agree with that.)

But before he leaves, he says he loves her.

This isn't over.


The other big story line in this relatively eventful hour was Phaedra Parks' bomb scare.

A former client of hers Drama came by to drop off from CDs but ended up in the wrong office. He scared folks there by saying his CDs were "the bomb" or something like that and they called the cops. Phaedra said it was a case of racial profiling and in the end, much ado about nothing.Mama Joyce

There was a lot of gabbing about it among the other women and  even tried to amp things up by reading up gossip items about how he wanted to blow up the joint and such. And Kandi Burruss threw some unusual shade when Phaedra brought up Black Lives Matter by noting Phaedra had a bodyguard after the scare.


Cynthia Bailey continues her divorce proceedings but her efforts to keep it amenable are being tested.

After she reveals the pending divorce in the press, Peter Thomas decides to spin it his way. He tells Wendy Williams that she was "blindsided" by the divorce announcement, that he thought they were just separated. "I feel guilty about initiating the divorce," she said. "It's now starting to feel a little ugly."

Daniel Meachum, Bailey's attorney, said they can divorce without having to go to court. I saw Meachum about a different case last week and he said the divorce hasn't officially happened yet as of early December.


Porsha Williams is shopping for a new house and groping for a decent storyline. She supposedly wants a kid and is chasing after some ex named Todd. We may see more next week.


Mama Joyce, Kandi's mom, wants in on the madness regarding Phaedra.

She meets with Randy Kessler, the divorce attorney who represented NeNe Leakes back in the day. She wants to know if it's easier to divorce someone if their spouse in in prison. He said it may not be any easier or more difficult to do so. Mama Joyce,  of course, is trying to get dirt on Phaedra.

"I don't care if she gets a divorce or not but I  know she's out for my daughter so I'm out for her," she said. She thinks Phaedra is not being truthful about her reasons behind divorcing Apollo - or not.  She even tries to confront Phaedra later in the episode but Kandi pulls her away.

Phaedra said on the show she filed for divorce in July but Apollo refused to cooperate. Soon after, she said he is now amenable to it after meeting with him in prison . Oddly, nobody in the press ever procured the paperwork so there has been buzz about whether she really did or not. TMZ recently said Phaedra spelled Apollo's last name incorrectly in her paperwork, like it was an accident. But StraightFromtheA received exclusive info that Phaedra purposely did that and used initials to keep the press from finding out about her filing. When Apollo found out, he was upset and filed his own divorce papers earlier this month.

There is some weirdness going on here that the show itself has not revealed.


I have not heard any news about Kandi's restaurant Old Lady Gang opening yet in Castleberry Hill and it's now December 12. (I checked in a month ago and they were not ready yet then.) This episode was shot in August. "I'm concerned about the liquor license issue," she said on the show. If they don't hit deadlines, they will have even more deadlines.

They held a menu tasting at a Cook's Warehouse since the restaurant itself wasn't ready. "The food is slamming," Cynthia said. "But they better have the business side working because great fried chicken doesn't pay the bills."


Everyone's favorite Atlanta celebrity photographer FreddyO too got some airtime, too, interviewing Phaedra:

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