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'Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap season 9 finale: Kim Zolciak makes an appearance!

This was posted on Sunday, April 9, 2017 by RODNEY HO/ from the AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Before I get started, I want to say I'm sorry. I've been teasing NeNe Leakes' cameo return all season and in fact, she never did show up for even that said anticipated cameo. That's my bad. She chose to take the entire season off even though there are rumors she is possibly coming back season 10.

But Kim Zolciak did pop up for the first time since she stormed off midway through season five. It's not that she's been absent from Bravo. She is now shooting the sixth season of her own spin-off show "Don't Be Tardy."

Oddly, she got quickly annoyed by Kenya Moore's antics, leading to some vintage "Real Housewives" verbal sparring.

Kenya, who has been in a long-running "feud" about houses with Sheree, was throwing all sorts of shade about Sheree's palatial home. She got all giddy when she wandered semi-purposefully into the basement and found it unfinished. She also noted how so many of Sheree's furniture and lighting choices were similar to hers at Moore Manor down the street.

Surprisingly, Sheree kept her relative cool. It was Kim who came to Sheree's defense. Kenya fought back and they began hurling insults at each other. Kim mocked Kenya for her inability to have kids. (Ouch!). And Kenya noted how Kim's former NFL pro hubby Kroy was now unemployed. (Double ouch!) She also made fun of Kim's "duck" lips. (See below) Kim said Kenya wished she was her.

It never escalated into anything physical but it was amusing. Kim clearly wanted to make an impression during her brief return, perhaps previewing what she hopes to bring for season 10 if she comes back - at the right price, of course.


Comically, when Kim showed up, the show labelled her "Sheree's friend," not someone you all know already as a former "Housewife" and Bravo regular.

In other story lines:

Ghosts of "Housewives" past: This party featured not just Kim but also a potpourri of past players. Remember the token gay friends Miss Lawrence and Dwight Eubanks? Then there was Lisa Wu, a season one and two regular housewife cast member who refused to play ball with producers and was cut season three. (She then did three seasons of Todd Tucker's "Hollywood Divas" on TV One.) Two others that were gunning for a peach seasons past but never got one made it to the party as well: Shamea Morton and Marlo Hampton. No shows? Sheree's ex Bob Whitfield and Kenya's ex Matt Jordan.

The friend zone: Cynthia Bailey ran into Peter Thomas yet again, this time at Sheree's shindig. She desperately just wants to be friends with him. I'm not so sure he can handle that.

Bring on the shade: Kandi's former employee Johnnie Winston sued her over wage issues on October 28, the same day coincidentally as Sheree's housewarming party. Kandi was understandably annoyed when she heard the news. "He ought to be ashamed of himself," Kandi said. "Child, I paid him, okay? The checks done dried up. You don't have me there promoting his business.  Clearly, you figured you come at me another way."

Kandi had heard Phaedra was involved. Indeed, Phaedra did help Johnnie procure lawyers with expertise in that arena. When Kandi confronted her about it, Phaedra dissembled a bit by saying she can't talk about it due to "privilege" of some sort. But he's not her client. There is no attorney-client privilege. She refused to own up to her own role in that lawsuit. Kandi could see right through her.

In the meantime, Kandi did the right thing and apologized about Apollo's fiance showing up for her restaurant party in last week's episode. She had no idea Sherien was going to be there but didn't want Phaedra to think less of her. Of course, their friendship is beyond repair. Phaedra claimed she didn't care about Kandi's apology.

Block, Kandi's daughter's daddy, showed up and she was having none of it. She could barely say anything or look him in the eye. He blamed Kandi for "brainwashing" her against him when Kandi simply said he was never consistent staying in touch with Riley, disappointing her again and again. He promised to be better. Riley, just 14, reluctantly agreed to take him at his word but actions speak louder than words. We'll see.

By the way... This was the party that created such a ruckus in the Sandy Springs neighborhood she resides in, the neighbors complained and Sheree was fined $1,000 for not getting proper permits.

As the show noted, Sheree says she is now living there. Or maybe not.



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