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'Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap: season 9, episode 13 - is Kandi a lesbian?

This was posted Sunday, February 12, 2017 by Rodney Ho on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

The preternaturally unpleasant Marlo Hampton was clearly brought back on the show to throw verbal feces at Kenya Moore and stir trouble.

At Banning Mills Lodge during the Phaedra Parks-inspired "glamping" trip, the ladies spend the last 15 minutes of the episode honing in on a rumor earlier in the season that Kandi Burruss hooked up with Shamea Morton.

Sheree Whitfield heard about this from Phaedra, with Porsha Williams also in the know. Sheree told Marlo, who decided on night two of the trip to bring up the rumor to Kandi herself.

Kandi admitted later on to some of the ladies that she has played for both teams. ("Yes, I have tried it," Kandi said. "But believe me, I'm not the only one at this table who has!")

She told everyone she is perfectly content with her husband Todd Tucker. There are no indications she has cheated on him.

The issue at the dinner became more about Porsha acting all shocked when she heard Marlo mention the "lesbian" rumor, then admitting she was there to feed it in the first place. She admitted to being shady, then started accusing all the other ladies of being shady, too, in a clear deflection move.

Curiously, Phaedra (a source of the rumor herself) stayed silent, imbibing lots of wine instead.

Kandi later knew that Phaedra was involved but said nothing at the time.

She said she also knew plenty of what Porsha has done, including her lesbian dalliances. Porsha wouldn't own up to anything about her sex life. Both women threatened to reveal more of each other's personal business if things kept going the way they did.


Earlier in the episode, Marlo also decided to throw pointless shade at Kenya just because. Although Kenya had apologized for not invited her to her housewarming party umpteenth episodes ago, Marlo brought it up again.

She then insulted Kenya's lashes and hair. Then she went down and dirty with this nugget: "When your person's mother doesn't want anything to do with you, you know something is wrong with them... You're evil."

Normally, Kenya would get angry and twirl away. But she clearly knew Marlo is just sowing drama for drama's sake so she can't really get all that worked up. She threw one nice retort: "I don't want your lifestyle. Nobody wants to be a prostitute."

Later, they clear the air but the whole exchange sounded staged anyway.


Otherwise, the ladies got along.

Gassed: Marlo said she did not want to share a room with any of the ladies because she had a serious issue with gas. Was that a way to get her own room or does she just love beans way too much?

Prissy moment #1: Marlo couldn't take night one in a tent so she walked to the cabin at 3 a.m. in the morning.

Prissy moment #2: Sheree couldn't handle the lake water while on a paddle boat. She thought the water was filthy and smelly and was worried about yeast infections - or worse. "There's piss and everything in this water!" she whined.

Shady comment #1: "I'm trying not to beat a dead horse or whatever is on Marlo's shoulders." - Kenya on Marlo, who worse some sort of furry thing to dinner like Cruella de Ville.

Shady comment #2: "Can you help me with my air mattress since you have so much experience with them." - Kenya to Sheree

Honest comment: "I am the bone carrier!" - Sheree, who will take everyone's gossip and spread them around for the TV cameras


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