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'Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap ('Peaches of Wrath'): season 10, episode 9

Posted Sunday, January 14, 2018 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

"Welcome to the elephant room."

NeNe Leakes, attempting to deflect her on-going feud with Porsha Williams, decides to bring all the women together to clear the air about other issues. We know how these "clear the air" parties go. Nothing ever gets cleared. And this one is no exception.

She also hires a medium who possessed weirdly hostile energy. She requires everyone when they arrived to give up their smartphones and she has a strange policy about not shaking people's hands.

Kim Zolciak refuses to give up her phone and the medium cringed. Later, as the session starts, Kim continues to shade the woman with her face and whispering to Porsha. When the medium calls her out on her intemperate behavior, Kim complains about the woman's bad energy and proclaimed that she, Kim, is a "higher power." (What?)

"What you give out is what you get back," the medium bites back.

Eventually, the medium just gets up and leaves. (Being around Kim makes me feel that way, too.)

Kenya Moore isn't a fan of Kim's and feels she is the queen of bad vibes. "The whole room went dark when Kim arrived," said Kenya. "She's the epitome of negative energy."

The ladies rehashed a bunch of old feuds, including Kim and Kenya.

"This b**** is the rudest person I've ever met in my life," Kenya said. "It won't get resolved anytime soon."

NeNe got upset when the target again focused on her, including her shady comments about Sheree's prisoner boyfriend Tyrone Williams. And of course, for the upteenth time, the NeNe/Porsha argument was referenced and NeNe made that eye-rolling face yet again.

"Nothing was resolved," NeNe concludes as well.

"These girls need to go to anger management with me," adds Porsha.

When the other ladies left, Kim and NeNe sit down one on one to figure out why their friendship has become so ice cold in recent years. Kim starts psycho-analyzing Nene, saying she didn't seem like herself at her white party, that maybe she was on drugs or pills. NeNe takes  offense to that. "She was pulling s*** out of her a**," NeNe says. Then Kim says she didn't feel NeNe was present at her own party.

NeNe feels like their relationship seems very shallow, that she felt Kim hasn't been very supportive of her. "Kim and I are not on the same page," she says.

Again, nothing is resolved. The theme of this episode, I guess.


In other story lines:

  • Porsha is trying to get into acting.
  • Earlier in the episode, Kim Zolciak breaks bread with Sheree Williams. Kim offers up that Kandi Burruss had propositioned her back in the day and that she and her husband Todd like threesomes. (Kandi aggressively denied this on social media.) And though NeNe was invited, she chose not to come, angry over some minor shady things that had happened at her "white" party a month earlier. "She's so unstable," Kim says.
  • Then we find out NeNe is upset by Kim's daughter Brielle posting Snapchat photos of cockroaches she claims were in NeNe's bathroom. I presume that will come up again later. At the time it happened last October, NeNe called Brielle "racist trash" and the whole battle blew up on the Web.
  • Cynthia Bailey holds a back-to-school supply drive. Will Jones, her boyfriend at the time, shows up. And Kenya thinks Cynthia is acting like a little schoolgirl around him. The complaint that he may be an opportunist is still floating around.

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