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'Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap ('Maui Mayhem'): season 9, episode 16

This was posted Sunday, March 12, 2017 by Rodney Ho. on his AJC Radio &  TV Talk blog

Sheree Whitfield doesn't often come across as vulnerable and real on this show. But tonight, it was hard not to feel bad for her.

She has spent months working toward some sort of real reconciliation with her ex-husband Bob Whitfield. But when he began making light of past spousal abuse, she couldn't take it. And it's hard to blame her.

He later explained that jokes are his way of dealing with difficult issues, that laughing keeps him from crying. But he has a deaf ear when it comes to understanding her needs. Sheree has built up serious trust issues over the years and he did not take that into account when he asked her whether he had choked her. When she said he did, he responded, "Could you still breathe?" Then he said he didn't remember choking her. "I didn't choke you hard enough," he concluded, possibly the least funny joke ever if that could be construed as a joke.

Sheree began crying and he tried to comfort her by holding her hand. But she needed an immediate and sincere verbal apology, something he didn't provide. Later, he attempted to make up for his snafu by buying her a nice piece of jewelry. Again, she needed a true verbal amends. He did try to explain his behavior, that he didn't mean to make light of the issue to hurt her, that this is merely a coping mechanism.

Again, this wasn't enough. Sheree fell apart and left the store. Bob laughed in the store. Again, he was not laughing because the situation was funny. That's just his way.


In other story lines:

The show opens with a recap of Kandi Burruss getting into Porsha Williams' face for spreading lies about her and refusing to own up to them. As her husband said, this is the most upset she has been on the show since season four, episode 14, during the "pillow talk" party. (Read the recap here to refresh your memory on what set Kandi off back in 2013 for the episode that aired in February, 2014.)

"There's no limit to how far she's going to go," Kandi said about Porsha. Cynthia left in disgust.

As she departed, Kandi yellsed at Porsha: "You freak! You lyin' a** freak ho!"

Porsha did get credit for not fighting back. See? Anger management worked! But that doesn't solve her other issues.

Later, at Phaedra Parks' so-called "restoration" meeting, Porsha and Kandi tried to talk things out. But as long as Porsha wasn't truly willing to apologize, this conversation went nowhere fast.

Porsha said the night before was "ugly," then questioned whether Kandi's crying was "real or fake." "You were upset by something I said," Porsha allowed. "I felt it was true. The truth is I hurt you."

Kandi was viciously on the mark: "Don't try to turn my tears into any sign that I care about you... Whether you made it up or somebody told you something made up, it's made up. It's funny to me that you and I have even come to this place because before this I supposed you more than anybody."

The producers provided clips showing Kandi supporting Porsha during her divorce. They showed her providing Porsha a part in her play.

Kandi was shocked that it took Kandi mentioning that Porsha had slept with Kandi's ex Block to set her off on this trail of lies about Kandi.

Porsha's weak defense: "Whether we were friends in the past, when you take low blows, I'm going to say something about you." (Eye for an eye, eh Porsha?)

As you can see below, Kandi wasn't buying any of it:



There were other rehashes of old disputes between Sheree and Kenya Moore over Sheree saying Kenya "provoked" abuse with her actions, as well as Phaedra and Kandi over Kandi saying Phaedra was checking out guys before Apollo had even been in jail. Again, not much was resolved.


Oddly, Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas are on this trip together despite the fact they are in the midst of a divorce. (Ahh... "Housewives" does that.) They appear to be getting along and there is some speculation among the women they may be having some.. fun.

Also, Porsha and her boyfriend Todd seem to be getting along well.

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" last year only lasted 17 episodes before three reunion shows, proving that there wasn't enough story that year. We are now up to episode 16 and the reunion show has not even been taped yet. So I expect this season will be 20 to 22 episodes like previous years. We haven't even gotten to Cynthia's eyewear show that I attended or Sheree's housewarming party.

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