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'Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap ('Loose Lips Sink Ships'): season 9, episode 14

This was posted on Sunday, February 19, 2017 by Rodney Ho on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

The Porsha Williams/ Kandi Burruss rumor factory is up and running!

Question: who has more credibility? Kandi over the years has been the truth teller in the group more so than Porsha.

So what does Kandi have on Porsha? She said two years earlier, they were at a club and Todd was there, too. Porsha was drunkenly dancing with them and kissed Kandi with tongue. Then she asked Kandi if she could, um, take Kandi to a place of pleasure in an oral sort of way. But she said it in rather direct, crass way. She told this story to her Kandi Factory crew and DonJuan practically fell over himself with shock.

Kandi was annoyed that Porsha was telling the world she was a lesbian in last week's episode. While Kandi admitted to dabbling in the lady pond in the past, she was happy with Todd, thank you very much.

So she met up with Porsha to "clear the air" and they got into it.

When Kandi confronted Porsha about the attempted threesome, Porsha went on the attack. (Porsha was herself annoyed that Kandi had brought up her relationship with Kandi's ex Russell "Block" Spencer, a producer, ages ago.)

Porsha said Kandi had slept with a bunch of dudes (and possibly women?) in R&B groups back in the day and had a seven-year relationship with a woman. More damning, she said Todd was a cheater who used the alias "Marvin" on his trysts with other women.

Kandi said Porsha was a "ho" herself and that's why she had even slept with Block.

Good news for Porsha: she held her ground and didn't opt for any physical altercations. Instead, Kandi left, with a smirk.

Given what Kandi had said, it's very possible Porsha remembered zero of her offer to Kandi because she had blacked out when it happened.


Other story lines:

Juicier and tighter: Kenya Moore invited Cynthia Bailey to have vaginal rejuvenation at Ederra Bella in John's Creek as part of a post-divorce move. And because this is RHOA, Cynthia had Kenya and her sister in the room while it happened. Cynthia seemed to enjoy the rejuvenation. "It makes you more orgasmic," Kenya promised.

Is it really over? Phaedra Parks meets with her Ronnie Kaplan, her divorce attorney. The news: the divorce with Apollo Nida is final - supposedly. But he doesn't know about it. Phaedra has to tell him. This is kind of complicated. She had the papers sealed so the world knew nothing about the divorce. This episode was taped in October. Later, after this was taped, Apollo filed his own papers in December. He later accused Phaedra of purposely filing her papers with "typos" so nobody could find them.

Block-head: Block never followed up with a promise to meet up with his daughter Riley yet again. To help her get through yet another disappointment, Kandi wrote a song for her to help her move on. She brought Riley into a music studio to record it.Riley was a bit reserved while singing. Kandi appeared to be enjoying the process more.

Yet another new house: Phaedra visited Porsha's new home, which she purchased in late September in Duluth. Phaedra and Cynthia also purchased homes in similar time frame. Although the show claimed Porsha spent $1.4 million, the records I found show she spent $1.15 million for the home, still a sizable amount.


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