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'Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap ('Let It All on the Table'): season 9, episode 15

This was posted Monday, March 6, 2017 by Rodney Ho on his AJC Radio & TV Talk

The salacious rumors Porsha Williams were spreading about Kandi Burruss in the last episode are not going to disappear.

In this episode, Kandi feels her reputation is at stake. As she told me at an event today, she believes Porsha, went thrown in a corner, will fight back with lies. So during a trip to Maui, with a little goading from Sheree Whitfield, she called Porsha a liar multiple times and got upset with Phaedra Parks when she tried to defend her now closest ally Porsha.

Before Hawaii, Kandi chose to tell almost everyone in the group about Porsha's allegations from the previous episode. Among them: Kandi was in a seven-year relationship with a woman, she had gotten it on with Shamea Morton, she has a sex dungeon, her husband Todd Tucker uses a fake name (Marvin) when cheating on her and that she and Todd wanted to drug Porsha and take her to said sex dungeon.

"I have kids," said Kandi, who doesn't drink and do drugs. "Don't ruin my life, my business with those types of accusations that can sit with you for life."

As Sheree noted, "That's not surface shade. That's deep libel s***."


At the start, the conversation began tense and quickly went downhill. "I didn't lie," Porsha stated.

"You're still sticking with that?" Kandi said.

Porsha mocked Kandi for telling everyone about her allegations "in true Kandi messy fashion."

For Kandi, it was about transparency and airing dirt in the light.

Cynthia Bailey defended Kandi, saying they sounded like lies.

Kandi then got rougher: "She's a lying b****."

Kandi said that Porsha once tongue kissed her in a club and wanted to go even further down town, so to speak. At first, Porsha said she couldn't recall. Once in Maui, she admitted that maybe it happened. And Kandi proved something had happened by printing out a text Porsha sent her about the situation.  She joked that she was not going to "rape" Kandi on camera and if she did say anything on camera, Porsha would deny it.

"She was the aggressor," Kandi said.

"I just want you to know," she added. "She is a fraud."

Porsha's excuse: "I didn't tell your business until you came at me."


Other stuff:

Phaedra goes to the dReam Center of Atlanta to get some godly support. "For everything I thought would destroy me going through his divore, God gave me double for my trouble. I have been through the fire and came out as gold." She is planning a revival service.


Kenya meets her brother and two nieces.. Seeing him makes her long for her own family. And she hasn't seen Matt in awhile.


Sheree and Bob continue to rebuilding a possible relationship. This week: they meet at a work-out place. He continues flirting.


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