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'Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap ('Another Spin Around the Block'): season 9, episode 4

This was posted Sunday, November 27, 2016 by Rodney Ho on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

It's still all about the exes this week (like last week), some in better form than others.

Let's go over the three mentioned or seen this week:

Kandi Burruss: Her ex Russell "Block" Spencer is heard on the phone giving Kandi attitude for not getting back to him quickly enough by phone. He wants to "co parent" with her regarding 13-year-old Riley. Kandi is flabbergasted. He has been largely absent for his daughter's entire life. What right does have now to "co parent"? She gets really upset with him and nothing is resolved. It's hard not to feel for Kandi over this situation because Block clearly didn't do right by his daughter.

Cynthia Bailey: Her ex Leon Robinson , an actor and singer, came to Los Angeles to support her and their daughter Noelle, who is now the face of Cargo, Cynthia's new bag line. Leon is incredibly supportive of Cynthia as she tells him about her crumbling marriage and pending divorce to Peter Thomas. He is the paragon of good exes based on what we've seen on the show.

Sheree Whitfield: Bob Whitfield came across as a doofus in the early years of "Real Housewives." He had cheated on Sheree and after the divorce fell short on his payments to their kids. But now they are co-parenting well. Bob is trying to woo Sheree back. He takes her to vegan restaurant  The Loving Hut in Sandy Springs and dresses in a T shirt. Sheree is way over dressed. He finally expresses remorse for his past actions (although Sheree had to goad him into it). "This is a starting point. I want you to be a friend. I have something to prove to you. You might be leery." She accepts his amends though she is not ready to get romantic with him - yet.

In other storylines:

Phaedra Parks: she wants to do a fundraiser for the victims of the Flint water crisis and holds a laser tag party to help the producers provide some fun visuals. Next week, she talks about going to visit her felon husband Apollo Nida in prison to see if she can finalize the divorce.

Porsha Williams: nothing going on this week.

Kenya Moore: she gets into a shade battle with Sheree yet again but otherwise, nothing much going on here either. Amazingly, she and Phaedra are gingerly rekindling a friendship though Kenya notes, "no need for a friendship contract just yet." Next week, in the trailer, we see her mentioning her boyfriend's anger issues again.

Shady quotes of the week

Kenya on Sheree: "She can take several seats - if she actually had her furniture in her empty house."

Phaedra on Kenya: "Kenya's crazy as a bed bug. But I can't take her away her accomplishments. She did win the title of Miss Somebody Important."

Kenya to Sheree: "That Mama Joyce wig you're wearing. It's old and tired!"

Kandi on Blank: "How do you co-parent a kid who's almost 14 years old that you've never co-parented. No It doesn't work like that!"



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