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Midseason 'The Walking Dead' death pool: who will die Sunday?

By RODNEY HO/, originally filed Friday, November 27, 2015

So many cast members, so much potential death, as we approach the mid-season finale of "The Walking Dead." Last  year, we lost Beth. There seem to be even more cast members that could bite the bullet this Sunday night.

AMC doesn't send out mid-season finales in advance to us scribes. So I have no idea what is going to happen but it's clear with the fence down and hundreds of walkers entering Alexandria that things are about to get ugly fast. This could be even uglier than the Wolf attack a couple days earlier.

I have not read the comics and while the show sometimes adheres to them, they just as often do not. (If you want to know what happened during the zombie attack in the comics, read here.)

So let's rank the various cast members in terms of likelihood of dying, from least likely to most likely. I am not ranking people in terms of getting injured. Folks may get hurt - or lose limbs - but survive like Herschel back in the day.

No way, Jose

Daryl Dixon. He's untouchable. Just because. 0%

Rick Grimes. Heart and soul of this group. Not gonna happen. 0%

Michonne. Almost as popular as the first two. Safe. 1%

Glenn. Wait. He almost died already. Why do that and just off him now? That would be doubly cruel! 2%

Carol. She has upped her game so much, she's become invaluable. She's going nowhere.  2%

Carl. He's capable of stupid actions but he isn't going anywhere just yet. 3%

Maggie. Come on. She's pregnant. The writers can mess with us but that would be nuts. 5%

Possible but not likely

Enid. She's a sneaky one. We can't tell what her real agenda is. I suspect the writers have more in store for her. 6%

Rosita. She has been a tertiary character to date. I would figure they might use her more before they kill her. 6%

Sasha. Her character has always felt secondary to me - and expendable. 11%

Eugene. He has become popular and is so useless, he is like a proxy for the viewer. He's already survived longer than he has deserved. So why not a bit more? 12%

Morgan. They just brought him back and gave him an entire episode of back story. This could mean one of two things: they've given us all they want and it's time for him to perish. Or he will take his character to a new level. It could go either way. 15%

Certainly could happen

Heath. We hardly know this guy but he seems like he could be a life saver. Seems a bit too soon to let him die. 18%

Tara. She is a sweetheart. Such a nice person. If they have her do something heroic, she could certainly bite the bullet. 20%

Gabriel. If Eugene is expendable, Gabriel is beyond useless because nobody likes him. He's treated like dirt and has yet to make amends to everybody. But his death would also be somewhat obvious and would have to be impressively creative to work in the story telling. We'll see. 20%

Jessie. She might be a great leader down the road. But Rick just kissed her. Is that the kiss of death? 23%

Abraham. It seems like the episode two weeks ago where he was able to move forward and look to the future in a brighter way dooms him to death in some nasty way. It was like a closure episode. So if he goes, he will go out big. 25%

Aaron. We aren't too tied in with most of the Alexandrians but he comes across as one of the most empathetic. His death is certainly possible Sunday. 25%

Sam. He's just a poor kid but man, he is clearly not prepared for what's about to happen. At all. 26%

Judith. Babies are a pain in the apocalypse. We've seen her disappear once but survive. Maybe her luck will run out. Shouldn't she be walking by now by the way? 26%

Ron. This kid's trouble. He wants revenge for his father's death, right? And he clearly hates Carl. But he's clearly not ready to deal with walkers. Death is imminent. 40%.

Spencer. He wants to be a hero but is conflicted. He clearly does not trust Rick. Not trusting Rick is a terrible way to exist in this environment. 30%.

Deanna. As the moral leader of Alexandria, she has seen everything fall apart in a matter of days. It's been a whirlwind of craziness inside the walls. And now the walkers are inside! She was just getting her mental state back in order and now this. I love her character so her death will be wrenching. But it's probably inevitable. 40%

Denise. So incompetent. So sweet. So likely dead. 50%

That Wolf Morgan tied up. He's doomed already, right? And we don't even know his name. 90%



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