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'Love & Hip Hop' bit player Che Mack's mom kidnapped: who is Che Mack?

This was posted on Thursday, January 26, 2017 by Rodney Ho on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

News earlier today broke that Chevante "Che" Mack's mother has disappeared from her home and may have been kidnapped. Some stories are calling her a "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" "star." 

That is not accurate.

I follow the show and I vaguely remember her name but nothing else. The reason? Her appearances happened nearly four years ago and she was only in a handful of scenes.

So these are five things I know about Che Mack based on a Google search:

1- She is a hip-hop artist but not famous enough to have any notable hits or her own Wikipedia page. VH1 provided nine facts about her at the time she appeared on the show:

2- She was on "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" season two in 2013 for four episodes as someone producer Stevie J flirted with, causing his main squeeze Joseline Hernandez to get jealous.

In season two, episode five, VH1 introduces her at Harlem Nights trying to sell herself as an artist. (Video clip is here. I don't want to embed it because it automatically plays.) She keeps saying "Let's do this like Brutus!" She's loud and aggressive and heavily tattooed. Joseline instantly does not like her. Can you blame her? She is playing to the cameras by being incredibly uncouth and screaming her lines, literally spitting into Stevie J's face. "I don't like talking to the help," Joseline says.

In episode 6, Che Mack meets with Stevie J over dinner and they flirt. 

The next week, she tries to clear the air with Joseline at Magic City but Joseline cops an atittude. Che is very calm and very mature - until Joseline sucker punches her.

In her fourth and presumably final appearance in episode 8, Che Mack meets with Joseline at Ammazza, who apologizes for punching her. "That was my bad," she said. When Joseline finds out that Stevie got Che Mack a TV after she was robbed. Joseline was not happy.

That appeared to be it for Che Mack on the show.

3. She has 31,000 followers on Twitter. I presume she picked up most of them from her time on the show. Since then Instagram has become more popular. There, she has only 2,172 followers.  She did post a note on Instagram praying for her mom.

4. She recently had a baby girl named Ginger. 

5. This is music she made in 2013 with her long-time boyfriend Made Man:

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