'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' recap: season 6, episode 15 - will Kirk ever offer up his DNA?

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The never-ending saga between Rasheeda and Kirk regarding his cheating again didn't end in last night's episode.

Kirk for unclear reasons refuses to provide a DNA test to prove Jasmine's baby is his or not. Instead, he lawyers up and surprises her yet again with an appearance, this time in cahoots with the kids.

He hands her paperwork saying he'd give her everything if she wants to divorce. He is doing this to protect her and the familiy, he said, in case Jasmine goes after their assets.

But Rasheeda's mom Shirleen is having none of it. She wants him to take the DNA test once and for all. He gets defensive and walks away.

Next week, Jasmine provides Rasheeda with DNA information regarding her son. That is only half the equation but maybe this will get resolved before the season ends. The season is nearing its end. It's possible next week is the final episode before two reunion shows, already taped.


Whenever a cast member of any reality show tries to create a "detente" between two former friends, most of the time it fails. And when it comes to two volatile people like Jessica Dime and Tommie Lee, it's like two firecrackers ready to burst at any moment no matter how calm they seem on the surface.

They have had some issues regarding Joseline and at Tommie's party, things had gone south. So Tammy Rivera and Rasheeda Frost attempted to get the two to see eye to eye. Of course, it failed miserably as they began lobbing insults at each other because both are easily triggered by anything resembling disrespect. "Here we go again," Tammy said. "These ladies have a lot in common and would make good friends if they weren't so hot headed."


The moms get together in hopes of getting Tommie's mom Samantha to humble herself and make things right with Tommie. It got very tearful. That will likely be addressed next week.


Savannah told Mimi about Joseline's pseudo-apology/victim mode combo last week.

"She's never sorry about anything ever," Mimi said.

They both agree: Stevie J is being played - again - by Joseline.

"She's so toxic to him," Savannah told her.

Stevie J later tries to appease Mimi regarding Joseline. He said her ring offer was merely a "friendship" ring. Not true. He also said Joseline voluntarily wanted to apologize to everyone. Again. So not true. Mimi saw through it all. But she can't get a protective order against Joseline unless Eva had been physically hurt by Joseline. To Mimi, Joseline is just a bad influence.

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