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'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' recap ('Who's Your Daddy'): season 6 debut

This is posted on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 by Rodney Ho on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

"Love and Hip Hop Atlanta," the show that makes "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" feel like a PBS documentary. returns with the two main stars at loggerheads: Stevie J and a now baby growin' Joseline Hernandez. She announced her pregnancy during reunion show last summer.

Now six months into her pregnancy, she claims to be mellowing out.

Stevie J is still choosing to avoid her. "She likes to ruin lives," he said. They interact only using lawyers and social media.

This episode was taped five months ago so those who keep up with their lives already know that he is the daddy and that they may have even reconciled to a degree since the baby arrived in late December. (Perhaps the photo of the two of them together was "staged" simply to create more buzz now that the show is back for season six with the earliest debut ever.)

The early scenes show Joseline doing a pregnancy photo shoot and Stevie J working out when he gets served. The legal papers demand he take a paternity test in preparation for a request for child support. "You can ignore me all you want but you can't ignore your baby," she said.

He said she was sleeping with plenty of dudes (especially Young Dro) so how would he know if it's his? She said she's just friends with Young Dro despite rumors on the otherwise.

At the end of the episode, they meet up for the first time since the reunion show to hash things out. But the hour ends before we find out what they have to say. He does provide his sincere Stevie J look:

In other story lines:

Kirk Frost did what???

Yung Joc and Karlie Redd may be getting back together. But that's hardly the big story. Already suspicious with Joc, Karlie shows up to Joseline's music release party with Young Dro although she hates Joseline simply to spy on her boy. She sees Joc with a woman and gets quickly jealous.

But the woman is not with Joc at all. Rather, her name is Jasmine, who used to date some dude named Rodney, who used to date Mimi. (Small LLHHA world!) She said she just had a baby but not with Rodney. Nope. She had it with... Kirk Frost!

Sure, Joc and Karlie probably knew already but since this is for TV, they act shocked... just shocked!

"I didn't feel like she was lying," Joc said.

"Rasheeda's whole life is about to crash," Karlie said.

Then Kirk shows up. When Joc mentions her name, he claims not to know who she is.

Jasmine confronts him. But he pretends he doesn't know her.  She leaves in disgust.

Karlie then tells Mimi about the hot gossip. "Shut up!" Mimi responds. "My head is spinning right now."

Rodney is a "scam artist," Mimi added. "I went to jail" over him.

Kirk rushes home before Karlie has a chance to tell Rasheeda. He spins some tale about this crazy drunk stripper crazily claiming to be his baby's momma. His lying is not convincing. "I know that something ain't right about this story," Rasheeda said.

Based on the trailer for the rest of the season, things go from bad to worse for the married couple. He had been keeping Jasmine in an apartment in their building. Rasheeda is seen crying and carrying on and someone recommends that Kirk file for divorce.


We are introduced to Melissa Scott, a DJ, bar owner and LBGT party promoter. She seems to know most of the ladies on the show and clearly enjoys the limelight. She appears to be a supporting player. We'll see if they give her any real story lines as the season progresses.


Tommy Lee, now a regular cast member for the first time, shows up and worries about Joseline filing charges against her from her attack on Joseline last season. Indeed, she is arrested. Her drinking has caused her serious problems yet she still can't face herself as an alcoholic.

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