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'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' recap: season 5, episode 15 ('Heart to Heart')


By RODNEY HO/, originally filed Monday, July 18, 2016

If you want to see someone play loose and fast with the facts, you don't need to turn to the cable news channels. Try Joseline Hernandez instead on tonight's "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.'

She is the queen of making crap up and manipulating people. Then she acts all indignant when people call her on her lies

She'll pretend to be married. She'll make up libelous stories about Stevie J that he had more baby mamas. She'll call the police on Tommie - Scrapp' de Leon's ex - just to mess with her and then deny it to Tommie's face.

Stevie J on the show kindly calls Joseline "delusional." She's a narcissist who can't ever admit she's wrong, pure and simple. No wonder he recently placed a restraining order on her. But we are all responsible in a way. The producers - and by extension, us the viewers - built this monster and enabled her to be who she is today.

Poor Tommie tried to be friends with Joseline. She took advantage of her instead. Tommie was just being honest when she said she wanted to have sex with Stevie J. She had no real intention of doing so. But then Joseline lured her in and really grossed out poor Stevie J in an attempt to do a "threesome." Then Joseline proceeded to call the cops on a very drunk Tommie later on with the cops thinking she was a fugitive.

Tommie later drunkenly told Karen KK King this story. She seemed broken since Scrapp De Leon went to prison. Joseline is not helping... at all.

Joseline is like Vietnam War chemical Agent Orange, rampaging through the "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" jungle, destroying everything in her wake.

In other storylines:

Reconciliation: Another result of Scrapp de Leon's imprisonment: KK meets up with his ex Tiarra and forgives her for whatever transgressions she had made in the past. She wants to see her grandson and they have their first kind conversation since we've met them this season. "Emotionally," Tiarra said, "I know in my heart something has changed. Maybe there is hope for us."  But Tiarra can't call her mom just yet.

Scrappy has a plan: He wants to get back with ex Bambi but she is resisting. He meets with Tammy Rivera to get some advice. She said he has to make a grand gesture. What will that be? We'll see next week. Will he propose?

Stevie J meets up with KK: Stevie considers KK his godmother. He tells her that any story Tommie is giving about him having any sexual relations with her are false. He'd never do that to Scrapp de Leon. She weighs who is more likely to tell the truth and believes Stevie J.

Karlie Redd goes ballistic: Karlie, still smarting about Lyle Jennings breaking up with her, checks on the ring he gave her. It's fake. Shocking! Jessica Dime gets involved and finds out Lyle has a baby mama. She brings the baby mama to Karlie. Karlie, instead of getting mad at Lyle, shoves the poor baby mama for no reason and calls her "thirsty." Later, Karlie invades Lyle's music video and meets some other woman Lyle is sleeping with. She gets indignant, then leaves. Maybe she'll finally get Lyle out of her system. This has been the juiciest story line Karlie has had since the series began. She must revel in it!

Mimi wants child support: Mimi demands child support from Stevie J for their daughter Eva in the form of a court order. He likes to go with the flow, is offended by this. I'm not sure how this will play out.

Poor Chris: Then Mimi goes over to ex-girlfriend Chris' pad to close the book on their relationship forever. It does not go over well. They had dated a year but then Chris wanted to give her space while she dealt with Joseline and Stevie J. Mimi interpreted this as a break up and moved on to another woman. In the interim, she'd take a booty call from Chris every now and then. Chris felt hurt that when her father died, Mimi was not around. Mimi felt like she had closed the book on Chris and was insulted when Chris questioned their love. Mimi got all indignant but really, it was hard not to feel bad for Chris in this situation. But Chris did acknowledge that Mimi gave her courage to be more open about her sexuality and need to transition into a man. So the relationship wasn't a total loss.


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