'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' recap ('Frenemies'): season 6, episode 6

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This show is studiously contrived, only a step removed from a scripted soap opera. Sometimes, the producers can still surprise. The felonious music producer Rodney Bullock living with two women was a nice touch. Adding an Asian woman Lovely Mimi was a spirited stab at racial diversity. Melissa Scott has been a fine, smarter-than-the-show addition.

But they can't help but mine the perpetual world of cheating husbands and the ladies who enable them again - and again. We take a week off from the Rasheeda/Kirk/Jasmine triangle. Instead, it's another music producer Shooter, who is married to salon owner Sierra. They are not in a good marriage so he (of course) sleepis with Sierra's employee Moriah, who claims to be using Shooter as her own personal piggy bank.

Moriah conveniently needs an investor for a nightclub she can't afford. She asks Shooter for a ton of cash. Shooter shoots her down. So she gabs to Lovely Mimi about sleeping with him without even telling her to keep it in confidence.

Naturally, when Mimi just a few days later meets up with Sierra at Joseline's "women's empowerment" video, she can't keep her mouth shut. She blabs to Sierra about Moriah two timing her. At first, Sierra is skeptical but not so skeptical that she doesn't send 911 texts to both Shooter and Moriah. Both come over in the parking lot for the inevitable confrontation.

Everyone tries to play the part. Shooter is the defensive cheater. Sierra is the spurned, angry wife. Moriah is the side chick with attitude. The security guards keep them dutifully separated. It's hard to care much given how new all these characters are. Moriah was the only one who put in the proper amount of over-the-top histrionics.

Sierra gets about as angry as she's capable on camera.
Shooter works the guilty face.


Sina could barely keep a straight face during her scene with Yung joc.

Yung Joc receives an inordinate amount of time this week over not much. First, intern Tresure P tells him that Rod might be sleeping with his baby mama Sina. He is upset enough by this that he goes to Sina and finds out, yes, it's true. Although they haven't been together for ages, he acts all jealous, believing Rodney breaks some sort of "bro code." Sina is sufficiently stupefied by his attitude.


Joseline and Jessica Dime kiss and make up. Jessica is still upset Joseline blew her off when she moved into town. Then there was some dispute between Dime and Joseline's agent Dawn ages ago. Joseline thought Jessica was gabbing behind her back. Jessica was hurt that Joseline acted like they didn't know each other. But they have decided to be friends - for now. Joseline later even gets Dime and Dawn to hug it out at her video shoot.


Stevie J takes a paternity test.

Stevie J moves into a bigger pad with two of his daughters. And he makes up with a son Dorian who he believed stole some equipment. Dorian didn't like how Stevie didn't spend much time with him as a kid. Stevie J's excuse: he was making $$$ for his extended family. They hope to have a closer relationship from here on in.

He also takes a paternity test over Joseline's baby. (Not-so-spoiler alert: yes, he's the daddy.)


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