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'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' recap ('Family Matters'): season 6, episode 2

This was posted on Monday, March 13, 2017 by Rodney Ho on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Rasheeda Frost is having a most painful story line regarding her husband allegedly cheating and a baby with another woman.

During the sixth season debut last week, which generated the best ratings for the show in two years, the baby's momma and stripper Jasmine Washington revealed that she believed her son was Kirk Frost's. He denied it to her face and told Rasheeda he had no clue who she was.

Karlie Redd, of course, loves to meddle in other people's business so she decided to meet with Jasmine and see how real she is. At first, Karlie was skeptical but Jasmine showed her texts, bills and videos to prove he was directly involved. There was enough evidence to convince her it was true.

Jasmine's current boyfriend and music producer Rodney Bullock had just gotten out of prison for money laundering. She had cheated on him but he decided to help raise her son Kannon. He expected she'd keep it all a secret but she let it out. Rodney met with Yung Joc (they had worked together in the past) and showed him some video of Kirk with Jasmine as well.

Karlie naturally had to go to Rasheeda and tell her everything. Rasheeda was in shock.

She decided to confront Kirk with a nice home-cooked meal. He was surprised by the niceties but she cut to the chase and confronted him about the evidence. He is still in clear denial state as the episode ends.


Joseline, now six months pregnant, isn't all heat and venom when she meets up with Stevie J.

She is now vulnerable and hurt by his absence from her life the past six months. She said she plans to move to Miami after the baby comes. Stevie J is not happy with that. He wants to see his kid. (She clearly has stuck around in Atlanta.)

He kisses her tenderly on the head and touches her stomach.

He shows willingness to have a paternity test to prove it's his baby. Later, they met up off camera and she stole his boxers to ensure she could get his DNA. Based on news since this was taped, this is his baby.


Momma Dee gets some story time! She and her husband Earnest are having issues over money but the more serious issue: his mom is moving from West Palm Beach back to Atlanta. And he's a momma's boy. She is very upset that his mom is always asking her son to do stuff, which amuses Scrappy, Momma Dee's son. So she invites Earnest's mom to Atlanta and provides her gifts: diapers, a onesie and a pacifier. Yup. She loves the props to make her point!


Tommie Lee got out of jail for threatening Joseline and began yelling at her mom when she got home. Her mom suggested she got back to jail. Her goal, apparently, is to try to stay out of jail for at least 12 months straight. Clearly, she has anger issues that makes this a challenge. Karen "KK" King pops up, too.


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