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Lauren Cohan's series gets picked up; whither Maggie on ''Walking Dead'?

Lauren Cohan's ABC drama "Whiskey Cavalier" has been picked up for the 2018-19 broadcast season, placing the future of her character on "The Walking Dead" in jeopardy.

Maggie, her empowering character on "The Walking Dead" since season two, will be around for sure during the first half of season nine because production for "Whiskey Cavalier" won't start until the summer. "The Walking Dead" just began season nine. But she will be too busy now to be around for the second half.

This leaves the writers two choices: kill Maggie or send her away and bring her back if "Whiskey Cavalier" gets quickly cancelled. We'll see what they decide to do because the odds of an ABC drama not created by Shonda Rimes succeeding has not been great lately.

Cohan's contract was up with "The Walking Dead" after season eight and with a deal not finalized, she decided to seek out new climes earlier this eyar. That's how she ended up on the ABC show. Ultimately, she signed on for the first few episodes of season nine of "The Walking Dead" but has not committed beyond that.

Maggie in the final episode of season eight is not on board with Rick's idea to keep Negan alive. This fissure will clearly play out in the ninth season.

On 'Whiskey Cavalier," Cohan plays a CIA operative Francesca 'Frankie' Trowbridge, who has to work with FBI super-agent Will Chase ("Scandal" star Scott Foley) after his emotional break-up, and together they navigate saving the world.

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