Kennesaw State names radio lab after Rhubarb Jones (1951-2017)

Posted Wednesday, March 28, 2018 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Kennesaw State University honored its beloved late instructor and development director Rhubarb Jones Tuesday by placing his name on its new Radio Learning Lab.

Jones, who was a popular morning host Atlanta country stations Y106 and Eagle 106.7 from 1985 to 2008, worked at KSU for nine years until his sudden death of a heart attack a year ago. He was a dedicated employee who regularly wore KSU gear and helped raise funds to create the university's football team.

"Sometimes I'm left wondering to myself what having an impact really means when it comes to a university setting," said Colin Byrne, KSU Director of Development. "For me, Rhubarb embodied impact. He changed lives for the better for so many of us here."

"He exemplified greatness," said Melissa Baldwin, Associate Vice President of Advancement, Alumni, and Development. "He had a light in his heart he chose to share with others, when students walked through that door."

Ellen Eldridge, a former AJC writer who now works at Georgia Public Broadcasting as a digital producer, recounted during a dedication ceremony at KSU 's student center how just a few hours before he passed last year, he posted a note on Facebook to her saying how proud he was of his former student after she posted a Radiohead concert review she had written for the AJC.

"He always had a smile and a kind word," Eldridge said. "Nothing would stop him from talking about his daughters, his love of teaching and his dedication. It's something I hope lives on with this Radio Lab."

I took this shot of Rhubarb on the KSU campus in 2010. CREDIT: Rodney Ho/

The Radio Learning Lab was already in the planning stages when Jones died, but his departure facilitated its creation, said Josh Azriel. It will be a place where KSU students interested in radio and podcasting can work on their craft. Not only is the lab named after him but he also gets an entire wall describing who he is for students who don't already know.

Jones' immediate family - his wife Donna and two daughters Callie and Presley - attended, along with many of his former students such Scott BagwillSteve Mitchell, a fellow former Y106/Eagle jock who was his boss for a time as well, also came by to check it out.

"This is amazing," said Donna, who married Jones in 1999. "He knew they were working on this Radio Lab., but he never imagined it would be named after him. I'm so proud."

Former students of Rhubarb Jones Scott Bagwill (left) and Ellen Eldridge (center) plus instructor Josh Azriel at the Rhubarb Jones Radio Learning Lab. CREDIT: Rodney Ho/
Steve Mitchell, a long-time jock himself at 96rock, Y106 and Eagle 106.7, stopped by to honor his former colleague Rhubarb jones. CREDIT: Rodney Ho/


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