Interview with Khary Payton on 'Big Hero 6 and 'The Walking Dead'

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Georgia native and actor Khary Payton possesses a sonorous voice, deep and rich, wrapping you like a warm blanket. That's one reason why he gets so much voice-over work for both animated series and video games. From "Teen Titans" to "The Sims 3" to "Batman: Arkham City," he has more than 100 credits to his name.

He recently landed a choice role in the Disney XD series "Big Hero 6," based on the 2014 animated hit film of the same name, as Wasabi, replacing a very busy Damon Wayans Jr. They have already taped nearly 50 episodes.

"Wasabi is this OCD control freak who's not really that interested in being a hero," Payton said. "He starts to get a little adrenaline rush from the excitement when he goes into hero mode. He's a fun character, a reluctant hero."

He relates: " I don't want to risk my bones for no reason. But at the same time, there's nothing like a good adrenaline rush."


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Payton, a 45-year-old Augusta native who grew up in Athens, also has the chops as a live-action actor, though that has taken a bit more time to build on his resume. And "The Walking Dead" has given him by far his most prominent role to date. Donning fake dreads and putting on Shakespearean airs, his zookeeper character saved a tiger, then created a post-apocalypse where he became King Ezekiel. Payton's character, though, is broken this season after the enemy mowed down most of his military men and women and he watched his beloved tiger die protecting him. He returned to the Kingdom broken and bereft.

"Honestly, he's a mess," said Payton. "He's a wreck. It's going to take a lot for him to come back from this. But that's what 'The Walking Dead' is about. Find yourself in dire circumstances and how do you pull yourself out of them."

At least Carol and Jerry survived. "Honestly, if Cooper [Andrews] and Melissa [McBride] weren't there anymore, it would be just awful."

And how about his crush on Carol? Will that ever be consummated? Payton chuckled. "I don't know. Right now we're preoccupied with walkers and bullets flying overhead. Truth is, I don't know. The show is notorious in stringing you along. I literally have no clue."

Ezekiel losing Shiva was brutal enough. "It's kind of a callback to when he first jumped into the cage to save her," he said. "He jumped in not knowing if he'd be alright. He risked it. She jumped into that creek to protect him. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to get back out. It really hurts Ezekiel. He didn't do this to protect himself. He started that beautiful society as a way to protect the people around him. He feels really guilty that somehow he's the one who survived. [His people actually jumped on top of him to save him.] He is like Lieutenant Dan in 'Forrest Gump'. I was supposed to take the bullet. "


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