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Five things you may not know about Channel 2 Action News' Craig Lucie

By RODNEY HO/ rho@ajc, originally filed October 14, 2014

Craig Lucie recently took over for John Bachman's slot at 4 p.m. as anchor on Channel 2 Action News.

Here are five things you may not have known about Lucie:

  1. He was was run over by a boat in fifth grade. "I had to learn to walk again," he said. "I was on a 13-foot Boston Whaler. I was hydrosliding, knee boarding. We were two people being pulled. My friend fell off first. I fell off near him. The boat was turning around and coming toward me. I started swimming to the right. I had a life jacket on. I was able to dive down but felt a bump on my right foot. The propeller nearly cut off my right foot! There was blood coming out. I started screaming. I could probably be heard miles around. My dad's a doctor. He was doing some yard work when he saw me. He hoisted me on the deck and called 911 and carried me to the front of the house. I thought I was going to lose my foot and never play soccer or walk again. A food surgeon repaired some of the tendons... It took a year of physical therapy before I made a full recovery."
  2. He was crushed by a garage door. He was four years old when he tripped and the garage door fell on him. "It was crushing me, my torso, my chest," he said. He doesn't remember much but they had to use CPR to bring him back. "I was not breathing for a minute," he said.
  3. A car accident (not involving him) happened on live TV behind him. While he was reporting in Austin, TX, a car smashed into another car. "We had to stop the live shot," he said, to check to see if everyone was okay. This happened before YouTube, where this probably would have gone viral.
  4. Casey Anthony trial campgrounds. He spent three months covering the Casey Anthony case in Orlando. "That was a comedy show," he said. "Every day was different. We had shifts. We never knew what was going to happen."
  5. Years ago, he was a triathlete. "I lost too much weight doing that," he said. "I injured my shoulder. I haven't done one for quite awhile." He now does cross-fit.

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