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Five takeaways from 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' season 6 episode 8

This was posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2017 by Rodney Ho/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Revenge is a human desire that can be satisfying and destructive. On "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta," it's common practice and a way to fuel story lines.

Tommie Lee never quite got over Karlie Reed sleeping with her man Scrapp de Leon before he landed in prison over drug charges.

She supposedly "forgave" Karlier but that "I'd rather smother you" hug from a previous episode begged otherwise.

Aware that Yung Joc and Karlie Redd were dating though not exclusively, she decided to hone in on Joc. Given Joc's tendencies, he fell for Tommie's wiles rather easily. But he didn't bother to tell Karlie. Jessica Dime even warned him to tell Karlie or the consequences might be dire. Joc didn't listen.

Eventually, his baby's mama Sina, who made up a story about dating producer Rod to make him jealous last week, decided to tell Karlie the truth. Karlie, of course, is not happy but then the Cruella de Ville part of her kicked in. Revenge time!

So Sina and Karlie show up together, partners in crime, to surprise Joc at his comedy night show. He is there with Lovely Mimi, Scrappy and Tommie. Naturally, the two sides face off. The guards are on them before they can even make a move on each other, lending to a rather stilted effort to "fight." The whole "battle" just fizzles into nothing.

If this is Karlie's definition of revenge, it wasn't terribly sweet.


Reconciliation in sight?

Now that Stevie J knows Joseline's baby is his, he is softening toward her.

Guess who finds this execrable? Mimi Faust! Mimi, who told me a few weeks ago that she is seeing someone but choosing not to let the show reveal anything about it, has an intense scene where she informs Stevie J not to bring Joseline anywhere near her or her daughter ever.  She would even put a restraining order on Joseline if necessary. She does not believe Joseline is a changed woman, no matter how many times Stevie J says it. "She's crossed the line where there's no turning back," Mimi declares.

This was taped four months ago.

Anybody reading the gossip sites know that Stevie J and Joseline have reconciled yet again. She even held a birthday party this past Saturday at the Gold Room where she and Stevie posed for photos as a loving couple. (The only major cast member who showed up was Melissa Scott, indicating that the other ladies still want nothing to do with her.)

Next week, we get a special episode focused on Joseline having her baby and it appears she even allowed the cameras into the delivery room. Paycheck, people!


Switzerland is a difficult place to reside

Melissa Scott's effort to be friends with "everybody" is hitting a rough patch.

Ariane Davis, Mimi's bestie who has hardly been on the show this season, had previously warned Mimi to "be careful" dealing with Melissa. When Mimi heard from Lovely Mimi at Tommie's wine party that Melissa was buddy buddy with Joseline, she became upset.

She knew Melissa had a business relationship with Joseline but she is sensing it's more than that. Melissa now says she's been friends with Joseline for five years and have never had problems with her.

Of course, for Mimi, a friend of Joseline's is an enemy of hers. She even tells Melissa about Ariane's comments. That sets off Melissa, who says that Ariane is "jealous" of their friendship. Why? Ariane and Melissa had gotten intimate 20 years earlier.

This revelation doesn't sit well with Ariane, who meets Melissa and tells her off for revealing their old business. Plus, she said it's absurd that she'd be jealous of Melissa over something that happened decades earlier that wasn't even all that serious. Ariane then splits angrily.

Mimi is also peeved at Ariane for not telling her about her ancient relationship with Melissa though Mimi is clearly more angry at Melissa.

Melissa admits to the cameras that she and Mimi had a fling after Mimi broke up with Chris last year. Now it makes sense that Mimi was so dismissive of Melissa when I talked to her at the start of the season.

Tommie calms down - for now

Tommie sees her mom Samantha, who she had previously argued with after she got out of prison.

At her wine party, her mother surprisingly showed up and said some nice things that made Tommie cry. At least on her family front, life appears to be better.


Excuses, excuses

Rasheeda's hubby Kirk Frost is in a state of Excuses and Denials about his cheating. He blames Rasheeda for being cold toward him in bed, which he said led him astray. "I didn't get here on my own," he tells Scrappy. He is also avoiding a DNA test to ensure that Jasmine's baby is his, despite Scrappy's pleas to do so.


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