Five bits gleaned from 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' season 6 reunion part 1

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"Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" is a mix of petty and potent. Part one of the reunion show was indicative of both.

So here are five things we picked up:

1- Joseline is probably quitting: We haven't heard anything official but Joseline Hernandez thinks she is truly the straw that stirs the "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" drink. She wanted to only do the reunion show with Jessica Dime and Melissa Scott and nobody else. Producers, who have let her get away with near murder all these years, are now putting their foot down and not agreeing to her terms.

So she's refusing to show up at all to the reunion. Stevie J came on and said, "This is an ensemble cast, not the Joseline show."

2- Why did Joseline have it out for Tommie? Joseline isn't around to explain so there is a lot of speculation. Joseline got Tommie arrested last season and the court case is not resolved. Mimi wondered if it was jealousy. Jessica Dime didn't think so. Tommie and Stevie J insisted they never smashed though she said he whipped his you know what out. (He claimed she did the work for him.)

3- Pointless drama: Tresure P vs. Tommie. Lovely Mimi vs. Jessica Dime. Tommie and Jessica. Tommie and Karlie. The disagreements are so stupid and petty, they aren't even worth getting into. Lovely Mimi gets all loud and gets escorted out. But notice that most of these beefs start with Tommie. She has a hard time dealing with even the most modest signs of disrespect. Later, we find out that Karlie is no longer with Ceaser. Why? He was sleeping with... Tommie. Karlie makes some jokes about Tommie's desire to pick up her leftovers.

4- Kirk Frost's cheating: Unlike those earlier beefs, this one is for real. Kirk slept with Jasmine and they had a baby. Or so we think. Rasheeda knows he cheated on her regardless and that hurts. "I wouldn't wish this on nobody," Rasheeda says, breaking into tears. "Heartbreak is the worst thing to get over... You didn't just hurt me. You broke me." Others in the cast broke into tears, too, as host Nina Parker noted. Scrappy notes that he knew them for a long time and thought they always had a strong marriage. Kirk just prays that things get better.  Neither Kirk nor Rasheeda wanted Jasmine and Rodney there so the producers accede to that request. "They don't deserve to be here," Rasheeda says. She is upset Jasmine never spoke directly to Rasheeda.

Kirk, in the meantime, continues to refuse to do a DNA test regarding Kannon, Jasmine's child. "I am not doing it on national TV," he says. He feels Jasmine is using the baby as a pawn. Rasheeda does not agree.

5- Dead-end storyline: The producers tried to get people to care about the story line regarding Moriah sleeping with nail salon owner Sierra's husband Shooter. They killed a few minutes discussing it during the reunion. I can't imagine these folks are coming back for season seven. There was some backstage commotion between Sierra and Lovely Mimi as well. At least Lovely Mimi likes to shake things up even if it's clearly more calculated than genuine.

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